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I’m a 80’s child.  I grew up on McDonald’s, boxed food like rice-a-roni and mac and cheese.  Our vegetables came from a can or a freezer bag.  What I think parents forget is that they are teachers, they teach us how to eat, how to act, how to react, how to clean, how to drive etc.  When we learn to cook from boxed and can foods, that is all we know.  When we grow up on margarine, what do you expect us to buy when we are adults?

So let’s just lay it all out there.  I’m a 30-something married woman, who learned to eat junk and thus I am over weight.  There was no garden to go pick fresh food from, honestly I was just as ignorant as to where my food came from as most of these kids you see on shows like Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  Kids are obese because we quit giving them REAL food.  I am obese because I learned to eat junk (box food, ding dongs, candy, mac and cheese).  So when times get hard, what do I fall back on?  Food that doesn’t nourish my body.  I am pre-diabetic,  and only because I have PCOS.  Which is a fertility issue as well as  insulin resistance issue, thus putting me at risk for diabetes.  Does that scare me?  Yes.  Have I done enough to change things? No.   Just being real here.

I am not sure where I heard this, either a blog or a sermon recently, but we are taught that God is in us right?  The Holy Spirit lives in us.  What are you feeding God?  What are you putting into God?  Now, let me stop here and say I DO NOT believe in any way shape or form that I am God.  I also don’t buy into the New Age garbage that we are all part “god”.  I am no God, I am a sinner saved by grace ONLY.  However God does tell us this body we have here is our temple, right?

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 19What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 20For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

I think most people take this to be don’t drink, don’t do drugs etc.  These are all good things, but what else are we doing to our bodies that is not glorifying God?  Margarine for example is horrible for us, it actually causes scarring of the arteries.  Have you seen Super Size Me?  McDonald’s certainly isn’t something we should be feeding our temple.  Canned veggies are not as nutritious as real, and the lining of the can has cancer causing things in it.  What are we doing!?!  Sitting on our duff’s eating while watching the idiot box (my grandma used to call the TV that, and it certainly fits) is not doing anything to glorify God with our bodies.  Don’t even get me started on the TV, movies, and things that we put in our body visually… that will be another post.

Is God stupid?  I mean he created eggs WITH yolks.  But now shows like The Biggest Loser tell us that the yolks are bad for us and what is making us fat and have heart disease.  They tell us that all forms of fat are bad for us, this isn’t true, our bodies need fat.  Do we need hydrogenated artery clogging oils?  Not one bit.  Do we need naturally occurring oils like coconut and fish oils and flax-seed oils?  Most certainly.  Do we eat eggs? yes!  The whole egg.  Do we need Vanilla Latte’s?  No.  Do we need boxed processed garbage? No.  Why is disease and cancer getting crazy out of hand?  Because we forgot what real food is!  Tomatoes come from a vine, not a can.  Peas grow on a vine too and they don’t come out of a plastic frozen bag.  Chickens should be able to run free and eat bugs and then they lay you beautiful NUTRITIOUS eggs.  When we started keeping chickens I was almost sick to see the difference in yolk color.  Real eggs are bright and vibrant, they are dark in color, not this light yellow junk you get at the grocery store.

These days all you have to do is look a little harder than the grocery store to find true nutrition.  Farmers Markets, Craigslist, even realmilk.com are all wonderful places to find real whole foods.  BTW, I am an advocate of raw milk, God didn’t create pasteurized milk.  We drink raw goats milk that we get from a friend.  Some states, including my own, don’t allow you to sell raw cows milk for human consumption, but many people on CL (craigslist) will sell it for animal consumption but it’s perfectly fine for us to drink, as long as your farmer is clean and sanitary.  Raw goat milk is legal to sell for human consumption here in Oregon… I don’t understand the difference.  But we drank raw cows milk for years and still get raw butter.  REAL butter.  Even if you start with a natural grocery store, start buying organic produce, start growing a garden every year and teaching your children how to take care of their temple properly.  When you eat an apple, eat the seeds.  God gave us SEED bearing plants, why do you think he mentioned seeds?  Because we are supposed to eat them!  Seeds (especially apple and apricot) contain B17, which is an anti cancer vitamin that is found in the seeds.  I encourage you to google search “A Life Without Cancer.”  It talks about B17 and there is a Christian farm myfathersfarm.com which you can buy organic apricot seeds.

My biggest fault is exercise, or a lack of it.  Another life lesson we can teach the next generation, get out and move your body.  Again, not something that was very prevalent in my growing up years.  (although excessive dieting was, is it any wonder I am always looking for the “next best thing” or the “easy fix”?)  So here’s my suggestion, why don’t we start a taking back of our temple movement?  Why don’t we start thinking about what we are feeding  God rather than what will satisfy the emptiness/sadness/depression or whatever you are feeding?  Some of us had some real stuff happen to us, some of us were abused (in all it’s forms) or teased.  Some of us have some stuff we need to let go of and let God handle.  Pray on these things, ask God to turn it around, ask God for healing.  And don’t think you are alone, we all have worldly baggage that we have allowed to bog us down for way too long.  Don’t forget that we serve the creator of heaven and earth, he can move the whole earth for you.  He loves you (and me) enough to die, to suffer and die, to be ridiculed by his own creation, all so he could save it.  All out of love.  If you struggle with self-confidence (as I do) remember how very special you are to God.  If you weren’t he wouldn’t have died for you, he wouldn’t have gone through all he did so that you could be with him for eternity.  He would have just let you die and go to the place he made for Satan and his angels, hell.  But he didn’t, and his love for us is bigger than any of us can imagine.  You are special to God.

So what do you say?  Are you ready to take back your temple?  Are you ready to allow God to work in your physical body?  Are you ready to say no to your flesh (aka McDonald’s etc) and yes to God being inside you?  Are you ready to fill your temple with good God-given foods, to give it nutrients and life, rather than poison and death?  Please join me in taking back this temple for God’s glory.  And there is no better day to start than today, than right now… isn’t God worth that?

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Disease: a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body resulting from the effect of genetic or developmental errors, infection, poisons, nutritional deficiency or imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environmental factors; illness; sickness; ailment. (Thank you Dictonary.com for this helpful info, my emphasis added) The word oriented from two words DES meaning “without” and AISE meaning “ease” so literally a disease is without ease, I’m sure many of us can relate to that.

When Japan had one of the worse devastating earthquakes and subsequent tsunami there was a lot of worry here on the west coast as to whether we would be hit by first off a tsunami but then the fear of radiation swiftly came.  There were photos of the possible track of the radiation and how long it would take for us to have it hit here.

As you can imagine fear (which is not of God might I add see 2 Timothy 1:7) gripped a lot of people who were paying attention.  There were runs on iodine supplements all around the country, even price gouging on some websites.  Even though we were told there was nothing to worry about, how many times have you heard these same things then years later be told that something was actually bad for us that once they told us wasn’t?  Cigarettes for example (although that didn’t stop me in high school)

A quick story.  First off I didn’t start out in life being healthy or natural, although my Mom did tell me that when I was young she was very into natural things, I do wonder why she found it “too hard” to keep that going.  *sigh* Anyway I was a typical person, I trusted every word my doctor told me, I got my vaccines at the exact time they were needed, I took prescription pills when they were given and I kept my mouth shut.  That all changed when I was 20, for a year and a half I had 6 surgeries, none of them helped me heal.  See the original surgery removed the “problem” but the next 5 were all the doctors “attempts” at making me heal.  Doctors know two major things, surgery and prescriptions, neither of these things were helping me.  I had a roommate whose dad was a Naturopath.  With borrowed money (why would a health insurance cover something that actually makes you healthy?) I went to see him, he told me I was so depleted nutritionally and no amount of eating food or taking vitamins would get me back to normal levels.  Why was I so unhealthy doc?  Apparently when we are put under anesthesia, we are the closest to death we can get without dying.  And in that state your body shuts down and thus you start to lose your vitamins and minerals.  His solution was a vitamin mineral IV for several weeks.  Not fun but it worked.  Of course the MD doctors patted themselves on the back when I finally healed.  Fast forward to 2006, I read Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About.  Everything that this book was saying was exactly what that ND told me when I was having all my surgeries.  I had gone back to a normal life after being healed, but I did keep all those things in my head that Dr Campbell told me.  Now they were all coming out in this book!  It was life changing and eye-opening.  My boyfriend (now husband)  and I were in Florida at the time, he went along with everything I was saying, which included stop buying the garbage food and start shopping at Whole Foods (AKA Whole Paycheck).  We started eating organic, we started watching the things we were putting in our body, and it was a good start.

Nothing was instant, in fact it’s 2011 and I still feel like I have a LONG way to go.  I have some friends who look up to us as their “model” for eating healthy and taking care of their temple, but I don’t think I’m the best model.  We still have our moments of eating bad, and even eating out (shhh, don’t blow our cover).  I haven’t seen the fruits of my labor so to speak.  I am still over weight, so his hubby, we don’t work out as we should, and I don’t “feel” healthy.  Now back to your regularly scheduled program….er blog.

So after Japan all this talk about iodine.  One of my favorite websites is naturalnews.com they started posting a lot about the radiation damage that could be done.  I stood up and took notice.  Iodine was the solution they said (although these comments haven’t been evaluated by the FDA, why did we give them complete control over our lives again!?) helps protect your body from radiation, but the other things that iodine does for us were so compelling that I just spent $75 (which is a lot to us) on a 8oz bottle of iodine.  Did you know that fluoride actually depletes iodine from our bodies?  Fluoride is actually one of the most toxic chemicals that we can put anywhere near our body.  My dentist ALWAYS tries to push that garbage on me but I just tune him out and say “no thanks, you are not going to change my mind.”

Most people have a iodine deficiency, which is why it was added to salt.  Iodine is important to so many different things in the body, our heart, brain, immune system, thyroid, gastrointestinal system, hormones, ovaries, lungs, breasts, eyes, mouth, bones and blood.  I mean, did we leave anything out?  I just had a friend’s Aunt email me and say that she had a questionable mammogram, do you know what I suggested? Iodine.  In fact I sent her several links about iodine and breast cancer, as well as a link to my $75 source. 😉  It’s not a secret though.

Before we bought a pretty low source of iodine, that is why the stuff I get now is so expensive, it’s POTENT!  But God thought of everything do you know there is iodine in seaweed, fish, lima beans, peas even a banana.  Now most of these don’t have powerful shots of it, and most of us don’t eat enough of it to make a difference.

It’s been three days since we have started taking our iodine, I have increased energy already and so does hubby.  I am hoping for some weight loss, and did you know that it can even be used as an antibiotic?  Those things cause so much havoc on our bodies by killing ALL bacteria even the good stuff in our gut.  I can’t list it all, I really encourage you to take a look at iodine, and if you are interested I will even share my source (which is actually pretty cost-effective, but $75 at once is hard to swallow, they do have smaller bottles but the $75 is cheaper per weight than the other).  Go to http://www.naturalnews.com and search “iodine” your body needs it so bad!  I’ll keep you updated on my iodine experience.  We are also adding something else to our diet, which I will get into in another post, but it’s all for health.

As for taste, iodine tastes to me very “earthy” to my hubby and our friend it tastes like water or as hubby puts it chlorinated (or tap) water.  Remember somethings are for health not taste, and that is my trade mark statement. So go get healthy, get your family healthy and remember that God thought of everything for us to be able to stay healthy and disease (without ease) free.




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I’m an Oregonian, through and through.  100% born and raised here, I left for three months to go to South Florida and quickly returned.  It rains here 90% of the time, but that is also what makes this state so beautiful and green and clean.  Recently I went to the bank, I met a sweet girl who told me she had moved here from California when I told her I was from here she said “whoa! you are a rare one.”  See everyone in Oregon generally happen to be from somewhere else.  In fact my first question when meeting new people is “So where are you from?”   When I was growing up, everyone was from here and if you were from somewhere else you were automatically popular because, well everyone was from Oregon.  I’m not exactly sure when it changed, but in the 90’s Oregon seemed to be this mecca for Californians.  Things here changed, housing went sky-high because real estate in CA was much higher than Oregon.  People came up here, gobbled up houses and the rest of us were left thinking if we could actually afford to buy a home where we grew up.  Attitudes changed, Oregon is friendly, not saying that CA isn’t… I am sure there are a whole bunch of nice and sweet people there, but as a majority that isn’t what “we” were shown.  You walk down the street and say hi or good morning to a person, that changed to the impersonal, look straight a head and don’t acknowledge anyone else around you.  Then the drivers, oh the drivers!  Again the normal courteous drivers here would let you in when your blinker was on, they would give you the nice “hey thanks!” wave when you let them in.  It went from that to cutting you off, not letting you in to traffic in fact even speeding up so you can’t get into traffic.  The “hey thanks” waves turned into another finger gesture.  Now let me clarify, not everyone came here is from California, in fact I know A LOT of New Yorkers, Colorado, Florida, Texas… I mean Oregon has turned into a mixing pot of people.  This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just that many of these people aren’t use to the rain, and it rains here a lot.  I’ve been hearing that most Oregonians are vitamin D deficient.  From about now (sometimes earlier) until April or May it is rare to see the sun, our sun comes in the liquid form.

Driving to work this morning I was irritated at the driving going on.  It’s raining here, surprise surprise.  As we come around a corner and start hydroplaning the car in front of me slams on their brakes!  Luckily I’ve been driving here for a while and I know what to do in situations like this, let off the gas and lightly tap the breaks.  It just got me thinking and I wanted to write a “how to drive in the rain” blog.  Just in case someone decided to sue me or something crazy, I’m gonna say that I’m not an expert and don’t follow my advice like I am.  If you get in an accident it’s your fault and not mine and I don’t have any money anyway so not worth your time to sue me. 😉

First off, when it’s raining you HAVE to give yourself stopping distance.  There are so many factors here, like the first rain of the season, the big and bad first rain, will ALWAYS have oil and car fluids on the road.  This means it will ALWAYS be slick, and much more than you think.  There is also the fact that leaves start to fall and they can make it really hard to stop when it’s slick, go slow and slow down slowly.  You are not going to want to slam on your breaks in any of these situations.  The last point here would be that most people are not aware of how to drive safely in the rain, don’t trust that they do give yourself stopping distance.  For whatever reason, it seems like every time I leave myself stopping distance between me and the car in front of me that gives someone the “ok” to cut in there and get in front of me.  How frustrating! Can anyone explain why this is happening so frequently these days?  Are they not teaching drivers ed? Or is everyone just so self focused that they don’t notice or don’t care?  Ok back on track…

When you do start to hydroplane, the best thing I’ve found is to take your foot off the gas and don’t apply the break.  Ride it out.  Most of the hydroplaning will happen because the water from the rain gets trapped in the ruts in the road.  My situation this morning was I was coming around a corner and the water was running down the hill and thus instant hydroplaning.  The person in front of me did the no-no, they hit the breaks and hard.  I know it is a scary moment when your tires are floating on water, but just like in snow and ice the fast jerks and reactions will generally only cause you problems rather than get you safely through it.  I also tend to have a good grip on the wheel, I’ve heard it’s like ice though were you need a slight grip, but I generally have both hands on the wheel in case I need more control.

It does rain hard and sometimes it is hard to see, if it gets too bad and you can’t see then pull over until you feel safe.  If not then put your wipers on as fast as they can go, and don’t look at the rain,  find something outside to focus on.  Focusing on the rain on your windshield will only confuse your brain, seriously focus on the car ahead of you.  It is like watching the road as you drive, it can make you dizzy.

Look two and even three cars ahead of  you.  Break lights are an amazing invention.  You don’t have to wait for the person in front of you to use theirs either!  One of the best things you can do to stay prepared when driving is to look for break lights on the cars ahead of the one that is in front of you.  Don’t assume the person in front of you knows how to drive well, be proactive.  I almost always look a few cars ahead, if there is a slow semi truck, if they are breaking etc.  You will have much more time to react this way, especially if the person in front of you doesn’t.

If you are just terrified, if you aren’t that great in driving in it yet… or whatever it might be, please get in the slow lane.  That means the furthest right you can go.  Some of us do know how to drive in the rain and wanting to go faster than you.  It is after all only rain.  Don’t go 25 miles an hour on the freeway, in the left lane.  PLEASE!

In case you forgot, a friendly wave to say thanks to someone who lets you in to traffic is really a nice thing.  Leaving stopping distance for yourself isn’t an invitation for someone else to come in and take it, seriously be courteous! You know the whole “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself” thing?  It works in so many different situations, even driving!  It could be such a more pleasant experience for everyone if we did remember that maybe that’s a mom ahead of you trying to get home to her kids, or maybe that elderly person going too slow is just trying to make it to a doctor’s appointment that no one was able to drive them to.

However if you move to a place where it rains 90% of the year than please, for everyone’s good… learn to drive in the rain.  These are not the dry streets of California, and there is no reason to go 25 miles an hour on the freeway when it rains.  Thanks from a Oregonian girl. 🙂

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Last September/October I suggested to hubby that we should look into buying a house.  We were living in a small rental house, we had chickens, a nice garden, a dog even.  Although we LOVED our landlords, seriously they were the best God loving people and forgave some debts we owed them, I mean… THE BEST!  But since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of owning a house.  So we found out USDA offered a 100% loan for rural development, and since this was kind of a fly by the night idea (aka we didn’t have a down payment saved up) we went with it.

We started looking at houses, it was all so exciting and new.  We found the first one we put an offer on, a cute two bedroom house on a little over an acre, it had a view of Portland and it felt like we were in the country.  It was exactly what we wanted! So we put an offer on it.  It was bank owned, and they refused to turn the water on so we could inspect it.  It had a leak.  After a few weeks of waiting we pulled our offer and went else where.

Next we found a great house, on SEVERAL acres.  The house sat on top of a hill and you could walk down to the year round creek.  This was bound to be a favorite of our Lab, Jack (who’s picture is my profile). We even got another dog for Jack to play with on all these acres.  First issue came on inspection day, there was an issue with the well and we had to reschedule.  Later we found out that the owner had tripped the well because he was actually trying to hide something by emptying the reservoir.  He got it fixed and we got it inspected, then appraised and our mortgage lady said “You’ll be in by Thanksgiving!”  We were thrilled, we made plans to have Thanksgiving dinner in our new home.  Time passed, and USDA and the bank got slow because of the holidays.  Thanksgiving passed, then Christmas… No house.  Finally we were a week from closing!  It was after New Year and we had all our things packed up and ready to move.  Then, the seller pulled out.  He was tired of waiting and decided he was going to move back into the home rather than sell it.  We were devastated! Uh… God? Are you there? What’s up with this?

So we stay in our rental through the winter, and didn’t get a very good garden in because we thought we would be in our house by that time.  We kept looking.  We changed Realtors.  We moved out of our rental into a holly orchard.  We made a deal with the owners to pay $200 a month for rent, so we could save up money and they would get some.  They made themselves out to be good Christians and so we moved from our little rental in July to this trailer.

The trailer was, uh… how do I say this nicely?  It was a dump.  Probably not fit for human living.  I don’t know how much rat and mouse poop I cleaned up so we could move in.  The fridge was FULL of mold so we swapped it out for another.  The holly farm was a treasure trove of stuff.  Have you seen those junk shows that go to random peoples houses and pull out treasures?  Well this place fits that bill.  You could have the best scavenger hunt here, I saw a locker, a drum, couches, fridges, lots of broken glass, old tables, chairs, pots… And this was all out the front door of the trailer.  Honestly I don’t know how I moved into this place.  I’ve never lived in such a dump before, it was horribly humbling.

What we didn’t know was how long God was going to keep us here before we got into our own place.  There were spiders in the shower, slugs that ran across the floors and walls, and ants… Oh the ants were terrible!  Several places in the floor it was falling through, rotted out.  The shower in the bathroom was so small you couldn’t turn around without hitting a wall and really you didn’t want to touch the wall.  Although I scrubbed that sucker with Norwex, it still was not something you wanted to spend a lot of time in.  The carpet, was pretty horrible.  I did vacuum and used the carpet cleaner on them, but you didn’t want to walk barefoot on the carpet.  All the windows were the crank type, and most had bad cracks in them.  But see it was summer… this was all ok at the time.  Then time started to get longer and longer, and it started to get colder.  There was no heat, and if there IS a heater there is no way anyone would want to turn it on, what could come out of that could fumigate and kill I’m sure.  So we resorted to turning on the oven and leaving the door open.  One evening a few weeks ago, I was sitting on a cooler in front of the oven trying to get warm.  Sure you could take a shower to get warm but the trailer was so damp that you towel never dried, and going to bed with a wet head wasn’t ok.  Our dogs became our best heaters, sleeping with us at night.  It got so cold I finally went through boxes to find a sleeping bag to add to the bed to help keep us warm.  I tell you, getting up in the morning was horrible.  I mean getting up is hard enough when you have to run down the hall and turn the heater on, but not having that heater… that is worse.

In this time a beautiful house came on the market.  It was in the city (although it’s a rural city) and we did think we would be out further, with lots of land.  It was nice, and remodeled, the photos online the day it came on the market were amazing!  I knew we’d like it so I called our Realtor and we went to go look at it after work.  The problem, the tenant didn’t leave the right keys for us to get in.  We could only see the property, which was a nice usable half acre, with a seasonal creek behind it.  Hubby could certainly grow us all the food we would need.  Hubby is a fantastic farmer, and has a passion for growing food.  We couldn’t put an offer on a house we couldn’t see the inside of, even though I was 100% sure it was perfect for us.  The next day we were going to go back and see it but guess what?  They had an accepted offer already! Ugh…

A few weeks later our Realtor called.  The accepted offer didn’t work, their financing fell through.  We had another shot at it and they were giving US first chance.  So we went down and saw it and just like I thought it was PERFECT.  I mean we had some things we wanted in the beginning of this whole process, a place for the dogs and chickens, a good place to grow lots of food, and we wanted to be on a certain side of the railroad tracks.  Not on the “other side of the tracks” because one was dangerous and one wasn’t, but because we felt sandwiched in between the tracks and the river.  Anyway, the offer went in and was accepted.  Then the inspection, which we had a GREAT inspector from the first house (who actually recommended our new Realtor) came and did it for us.  He also agreed to be paid at closing, which helped us.  Then the appraiser.  Oh boy I could write a book on this woman.  But… first she appraised it too low, then wouldn’t change anything or talk to anyone, so we had to get the price lowered and forfeit some fixes that the seller was going to do for us, including a few electrical boxes, but we figured we could do it when we moved in.  So USDA requires that the land can’t be divided, the underwriter asked the appraiser if the land could be divided and she came back and said… get this… YES! WHAT!?! Apparently we got an appraiser who knew NOTHING about USDA rules.  Great.  So having a very proactive mortgage lady (LOVE HER!) she went to the city and talked to the city planner.  We found out that the creek was an off shoot of a larger creek that has environmental protection, which means you can’t build with in 500 feet of it.  So we had a way around this appraiser, for $10 (the best $10 ever spent) we got the city planner to write a letter and it was sent back.  We missed our 10/1 deadline to not have mortgage insurance, just a bump now that I look back but it was a BIG deal to me at the time, because had this appraiser known what she was doing, it wouldn’t have happened.  So then it went back to USDA who approved it again, then to the underwriter.  At which point I was totally convinced that the underwriter hated our last name and did everything they could to hold us up.  But that was just in my own mind.  LOL!

During ALL of this, our “nice” landlords truly showed their colors.   They threatened to call the sheriff to throw us out.  Although we never missed a rent payment.  It was holly season and they wanted us out so they could move workers in, so throw us out on the street for that?  They “picked” how much we owed them for power, never once did they show us a bill and said “you used this much power,” it was always “you owe $150.”  I know from living in our previous house, we didn’t use anywhere near that much power but we didn’t make it a big deal.  The man would come over and harass my husband, basically compared him to a tweeker, he would come over and bang on the trailer in the morning… all no-no’s in the tenant landlord laws, but he didn’t care.  So to compound the stress of the appraiser, the underwriter and now them?  There were many tearful nights and drives to work.

I remember many tear filled drives to work, praying and asking God what was going on.  Begging him for this house and to get us out of this mold infested, mean landlord-trailer.  I didn’t understand.  There was a song on Christian radio by Josh Wilson called Fall Apart.  A few of the lyrics “Why in the world did I think I could, only get to know you when my life was good?”  It was like my theme song there for a while.  How could I tell people how great God is with everything falling apart though?

Next blow was the underwriter asked for our inspection report.  Then they required that a LICENSED contractor/electrician/roofer come and fix things on this house that wasn’t even ours yet!  My hubby is the best in crunch time, I seem to fall apart but he gets energized.  Thank God for him.  He, in one day, got everything that needed to be done, done.  He got three guys to all show up in a matter of hours and the work was complete.  Our inspector happened to be driving by (he lives around the corner) and stopped by and offered to re-inspect the work that was done and the next day everything was sent back to the underwriter.

Praise God, that very week we signed on our house.  And the following Monday night got our keys!  God also provided a U-haul (thanks to my Mom and Step-Dad) and some hands to help (thanks to our Pastor’s children) and some food to eat (thanks to our Pastors wife) and she even left us her hot plate until the gas was turned on the next day.

Looking back at this year, first off when our mortgage lady said she would have us in by Thanksgiving, we didn’t know she meant 2011.  But we are going to cook a big turkey and have a beautiful feast because we have SO much to be thankful for!  Everything in our new house is amazing.  We never would have been so grateful for what we have, if we didn’t go through everything we did this past year.  Every inch of floor that isn’t rotten, 2.5 beautiful bathrooms that out towels actually dry in, HEAT, it is all the biggest blessing.  Everyday I thank God for what he has blessed us with.  And this past year helped me really get to know God more, and realize that when bad stuff happens it doesn’t mean that it’s forever.  Sometimes God uses these times to humble us, to grow us spiritually, and to learn to trust in him.  I always wanted to trust in Corri.  I knew what was best, I could do it all or as I used to say when I was 2 years old “I’ll do it myself!”  It isn’t about doing it ourselves, but trusting in the God that made heaven and earth, and knowing that he does have beautiful things planned for us, if we just trust, believe and humble ourselves.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Thank you Lord, what a beautiful expected end it is.


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Growing up, I hated left overs.  Honestly I don’t know why, but I did.  Unless it was pizza or spaghetti, it was hard to get me to eat it.  Now that I’m older, I still struggle with some things, but now see the value in reusing and making one meal last into at least two or three.  So after I made a big pot of oatmeal that didn’t see to disappear  as quickly as I thought it would, I couldn’t see the food going to waste.  Sure I could give it to the chickens but…

So I threw the left over oat meal in a bowl, added flour, some vanilla, some sugar and some baking soda (maybe baking powder would have been more appropriate?) and egg and some milk.  So then I got to thinking about a friend, she in order to get “good stuff” into her boys puts wheat germ in to baked goods.  So I added a good teaspoon maybe even a teaspoon and a half of wheat grass powder.  It gave the cookies a green color, but that added to the mystery of them. 😉  I had just made some chocolate chip cookies, and since I’m frugal, I didn’t use the whole package so in when some chocolate chips.

When I throw things together it is generally either one of two out comes, either it’s out of the world good or it’s horrible.  At least I had a 50/50 chance!  I put them onto our Demarle baking sheet and into the oven, the first set was a bit to runny and the cookies spread, so I added more flour.  That seemed to work and the next batch was much better.  They were slightly chewy, so that is why I’m thinking baking powder might have been better than soda.  Next time there is left over oatmeal I’ll make another batch and let ya know.

The plate didn’t last.  There were a couple of second glances on the color, but the taste was great.  They didn’t even last until dinner.  I would prefer to let the flour soak more next time, since the oats did.  Soaking grains is very good for us and breaks down some enzymes that are not as easy for us to digest until they are soaked or fermented.

Lesson learned, don’t let anything go to waste.  There has to be some way to make it into something good, and if not there is always the chickens and they NEVER complain that my cooking is bad.  Bless their hearts 😉

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