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The past few weeks have been really rough at my job.  Before I go on, I must say I am such a blessed woman to have a job, to have a good job and I am grateful for my job.  I like to say how grateful I am about my job because I certainly don’t want God thinking I am ungrateful, I couldn’t make it without my job!  That being said, my job is draining me to the core of my being.  I don’t want to go into too many personal details but the issues are 50% my boss and 50% rude ungrateful people, not to mention that I loathe having to drive two hours a day to come to my job.

My mom used to always say “God makes you uncomfortable when it’s time to move” I have no idea where that saying comes from, but it does seem to ring true in my life.  I am really starting to feel uncomfortable in my job, when I wake up I am starting to think “there has to be some kind of reason to call in sick,” this is never a good sign.  I understand ups and downs.  We have had them here, some how I just feel like this time is different, like maybe this is the time to really move on.

Yesterday after a particularly rough mental day at work I started looking at the jobs on craigslist.  I do this a lot, my husband is in desperate need of work in our small town so I frequently check to see if there are new postings, but yesterday something happened… a job came up that could be perfect for me.  This job is in our small town, I could ACTUALLY walk to work!  This could save us a ton on gas each month, not to mention insurance because my daily commute would be like a mile, if I drive.  Two issues stand in my way.   The first is the job is in the dental field and I have been in medical for 11 years.  The second is there was no pay listed on the ad, and I have pretty specific needs in this area because I am the main bread winner currently.

I sent off my resume and a cover letter via email with my specific pay requirements and I prayed the whole way home.  God knows my specific needs, he knows where I will be next week or in a year from now.  He knows how much our mortgage is and how much we need for utilities.  Yet there is this part of me that wants to hold on to all control and believe I can do it all myself, I can’t.  It seems that losing control is one of my worst fears, and yet something God wants us to do.  He wants our trust and faith, he wants control to lead us to beautiful things he has planned for us.  But in all I do it seems the lesson that comes out of it is that I want to be in control.  There is a constant power struggle, and I always lose.

I am sure God is here whispering to me “Corri, let it go.  I have you!”  The song from JJ Heller listed above is one of my favorites because of how much it relates to my desire for constant control.  It is in fact time I let it go.  To trust in God’s divine plan for my life and trust that no matter if this job comes or I stay at my current one, I am resting softly and peacefully in the loving hands of my creator.

I’m taking a mental health day Friday, to recoup from all the stress around me the past few weeks here, to spend some time laughing instead of pulling my hair out, to hang out with a friend and his cute daughter, to kiss her as much as she lets me! 🙂  I need a day away from my job to de-stress, to remember how much I am blessed and how sweet this life can be sometimes.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.





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If you get confused with the produce stickers at the store, here is the keys to knowing what to buy and what not to buy!


Have you ever wondered what the numbers on fruit and vegetables meant? What if I told you they were number between genetic engineered, conventionally grown or organic. Here is the brake down of the numbers.

PLU stickers that have 4 digits and begin with a “3″ or “4″: produce is conventionally grown. This means that this produce was sprayed with weed killers and chemical pesticides.

PLU stickers that have 5-digits and start with “8″: produce was genetically engineered (man intervened by manipulating the genes to produce a larger or brighter colored food). This produce may have been chemically treated.

PLU stickers that have 5-digits and start with “9″: produce was raised organically. You can be sure that this produce was not treated with any chemicals.

4139: Conventional Granny Smith apple
94139: Organic Granny Smith
84139: Genetically Modified Granny Smith

So the next time you go to the grocery store…

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Homemade Pot Scrubber

Such a wonderful idea to re-use! check it out!

A Real Food Lover

Finally a use for the net bags that onions, potatoes, lemons and oranges come in. I have been saving them up, because I just knew there had to be a 2nd life left in there somewhere. Now I never have to buy a brillo pad again. One more thing off my list of things to purchase from the store.

Homemade Pot Scrubber

2 plastic net bags

Flatten the bags out and lay them on top of each other

Fold in half, and continue folding until you have a tight little square.

Tie with fishing line, twine, heavy thread, or a rubberband. If you have more time on your hands than I do,  you could sew the edges and make them into a perfectly square scrubbie.

This is so excellent for scrubbing a cast iron pan. Actually better than the brillo pad method I was previously using. I’ve been using the same one…

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Let’s call today Free Friday!  I just love free 🙂  I have downloaded this Ebook a while ago and was reminded of it today.  It’s called Is Your Flour Wet?  It talks all about the importance of soaking our grains,  why and it gives recipes too! No need to be in the US for this free item! Check it out and reference it often 🙂



Happy Free Friday!


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Homestead Drying Racks is celebrating their first E-magazine by having a wonderful give away!  I’m all about free you know, so I think it’s worth the time.  Here are the prizes:

  • 1st prize:  One pioneer clothes drying rack ($99 value) + One Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. 4 ($39.95 value) Total of $138.95 value
  • 2nd prize:  One Complete Homesteading for Beginners DVD set, all four volumes ($99.80 value)
  • 3rd prize: One peddler clothes drying rack ($49 value) + One Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. 4 ($39.95 value)  Total of $88.95 value
  • 4th prize:   One homestead size washboard ($39 value) + One Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. 4 ($39.95 value)  Total of $78.95 value
  • 5th prize:  One pioneer size washboard ($24.95 value) + One Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. 4 ($39.95 value)  Total of $64.90 value
  • 6th prize:  One Self-Sufficient book ($24.95 value) + One Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. 4 ($39.95 value)  Total of $64.90 value
  • 7th prize:  One Homesteading book ($24.95 value) + One Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. 4 ($39.95 value) Total of $64.90 value
  • 8th prize:  One Simple Living book ($24.95 value) One Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. 4 ($39.95 value)  Total of $64.90 value
  • 9th prize: One Back to Basics book ($24.95 value) One Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. 4 ($39.95 value)  Total of $64.90 value
  • 10th prize:  One Homestead Cook Book ($24.95 value) One Homesteading for Beginners DVD Vol. 4 ($39.95 value)  Total of $64.90 value

Click http://www.homesteaddryingracks.com/2/post/2012/04/celebrating-our-first-emag.html to enter.  Plus if you click on the photo of their new E-magazine you can download the PDF free.

This is how it works:

You will get one entry for doing the following:

  • -One entry for liking on face book
  • -One entry for sharing the magazine pdf on facebook with photo and pdf (drag and drop our emag cover photo onto your desktop.  Then, you upload that photo to your facebook profile.  For description put this link hcpemagspring2012read.pdf)
  • -One entry for every 10 friends you tag on the HCP mag photo on your profile in Facebook.  You can get a lot of entries this way!
  • -One entry for sharing HCP Emag pdf on twitter
  • -One entry for sharing a link to this great celebrating giveaway on your blog
  • -One entry for every 10 people you email the following to.  You can get a lot of entries this way as well!

So get on it!  🙂  Who knows you might be the lucky one!

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I noticed on some household plants these odd things on the leaves and stems.  Hubby and I scraped some off one day and they were strange… almost spungey (is that a word?).  I was doing some research today and found that they are called Scale Bugs.  The thing is they don’t look like bugs at all, they attach themselves to the leaves and look like brown spots.  Almost like leeches, well they technically are, they eat the sap from plants. 

Looking around online I found several ways people say to rid themselves of scale, from Neem oil, to vinegar and water spray, and Q-tips soaked in alcohol.  All these sound fine to use, but they also seem like a hit and miss solution, I want these things gone!  We use a lot of natural gardening techniques from Jerry Baker.  We originally found his videos when we subscribed to Netflix.  If you have never heard any of his tips and tricks to help garden more naturally and cheaply, he gives down home ideas, in fact he says they came from his Grandmother. Feel free to search youtube as well, we still use his tonics to get our soil started which include things like epsom salts, beer, mouth wash, dish soap…

Jerry doesn’t tell us how to take care of these bugs though, not specifically.  So today I found Garlic Fire Spray.  We use something for colds we call Fire Cider or Master tonic, it sounds very similar!

Garlic Fire Spray:

2-3 Garlic Bulbs (the whole bulb not individual cloves)

6 Large or 12 Small Hot Peppers (or you can use 1-2 Tablespoons chili powder)

1 TBSP Vegetable Oil

3 Squirts Liquid Detergent (or 1 “dessert spoonful” you know the big spoons that come with your silverware set)

7 Cups Water (use 2-3 in the blender and add the rest after blended)

Blend all ingredients and strain through a cheese cloth, coffee filter, or mesh strainer.  Add liquid to a spray bottle, pour the rest in covered jars and label them.  You squirt this on your plants and it will kill all insects.  Keep in mind it will kill the ones you want around too, so you wouldn’t want to use this if you’ve got ladybugs, bees and such.

I’m going to play around with this recipe along with some diatomaceous earth.  I plan on putting the DE on the soil to kill any bugs that might be hiding in the soil, and spraying down the plant in the Garlic Fire Spray.  If for whatever reason that doesn’t work I might try DE in water… but just like most natural things the spray needs to be reapplied.  You can also spray this mixture around your garden to keep garden “pets” (gophers, rabbits…not sure about deer?) away from your garden.

It’s worth a shot in my book, I’d rather use something natural then some Round Up! Will post my failure or successes after I give this stuff a try.


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Something about blogging makes us painfully honest doesn’t it?  Maybe it’s because a bunch of unknown people read along with our lives, we could just stop writing and we wouldn’t have to be accountable to any of the readers again.  But accountability is also the most amazing motivator!  My painfully honest confession is this: I’ve been horrible about working out.  Truth is, I hate working out.  When I was a kid we would play tag, hot lava monster, and ghost in the graveyard, even red light green light.  All of those (even if we made some of them up ourselves) were exercise, we would run, jump, dodge and laugh the entire time.  As an adult workouts are in gyms on machines, or running or bike riding.  Sure there are things like yoga and Pilates but I do believe them to be against my faith in Christ and I don’t to participate in them, besides that I get bored!  Why can’t workouts be like they were when we were kids?  Why can’t we laugh and feel goofy while doing them?  Why do they feel like WORK?

Two views of local Extension leaders drilling ...

Two views of local Extension leaders drilling in physical exercise in middies and bloomers, ... (Photo credit: Cornell University Library)

Now don’t get me wrong, I love going for walks, and I love going hiking, we also do a ton of mushroom hunting and these things are all enjoyable forms of exercise.  However, I live in Oregon, the joke here is that all locals have webbed feet.  It rains all the time here.  I’m a true Oregonian, born and raised and am pretty much use to the constant rain, but it does hinder the desire to go out for a walk and gives me WAAAAAAY too many excuses.  I am good at excuses!

My last birthday (June 2011) Hubby bought me what I wanted, an Urban Rebounder.  See my Mom found a used rebounder (aka mini trampoline) at a garage sale for like $20.  It was old, the springs were old, and I bounced on that thing until all the springs broke, I even replaced some but found that the older springs were a different size than the new trampolines, so they were either too big, or too small.  It was a fun workout though.  I felt like a little kid jumping on a trampoline in their back yard squealing with delight!  Once my trampoline died, I begged Hubby to work a deal with a guy on Craigslist for a new Urban Rebounder, still in the box.  To my delight he did!  Then we moved.  We just moved into our new house in November, feel free to read about the adventure in a previous blog I posted Bought a House, Just Took a Year… So if you took the time to read that novel you will understand that my rebounder couldn’t be used in the junky trailer we lived in, I would have fallen through the floor!  We were in limbo from July 2011 to November 2011.  Since getting our house, I have not been good at starting the rebounding again.  Hubby does MMA fighting and we’ve worked out some together, me holding the mitts for him, or him for me.  It is a very good stress reliever to punch something. 😀

Needak Folding Rebounder

Needak Folding Rebounder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why a rebounder?  First off, it’s fun!  I’m all about making fitness fun.  There are some major benefits to rebounding though, you get all the benefits of weight bearing exercises but in a low intensity, easy on your joints way.  My favorite part about rebounding is that it moves your lymphatic system.  Your lymph system is so very important? “The lymph fluid acts like the clean-up crew for your body. You know that you are made of water and fluids. There are very few solid parts of your body. All of those fluids are usually contained in cells. There are some fluids found between the cells or actually seep out of the cells. This intercellular fluid slowly begins to accumulate and must be returned to the cells and the blood stream. Enter the lymph system. The lymph system gathers those fluids and returns them to your blood. The lymph system is also closely associated with your immune system and swelling of tissues after an injury.”
(used from http://www.biology4kids.com/files/systems_lymphatic.html) The important thing to remember about your lymph system is it unlike your blood has no pump, you must move your lymph system yourself.  The best way to do that is rebounding.  After the first time I used my rebounder, I woke up the next morning with a very sore throat and very swollen lymph glands.  I found out first hand that my poor lymph system was toxic.  After that first time I never had any more issues, but again I haven’t been so consistent lately.

My thought is this, I’m drinking wonderfully pure God given juice daily, I need to get on my trampoline and bounce!  I saw this video years ago which inspired my trampoline purchase. So my desire is to bounce AT LEAST 30 minutes a day, I am saying this to stay accountable.  Hold me to it! No more excuses!  Tonight I’m dusting that puppy off and getting to it!  Bounce with me 🙂


Also this great video!

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