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Growing up, I hated left overs.  Honestly I don’t know why, but I did.  Unless it was pizza or spaghetti, it was hard to get me to eat it.  Now that I’m older, I still struggle with some things, but now see the value in reusing and making one meal last into at least two or three.  So after I made a big pot of oatmeal that didn’t see to disappear  as quickly as I thought it would, I couldn’t see the food going to waste.  Sure I could give it to the chickens but…

So I threw the left over oat meal in a bowl, added flour, some vanilla, some sugar and some baking soda (maybe baking powder would have been more appropriate?) and egg and some milk.  So then I got to thinking about a friend, she in order to get “good stuff” into her boys puts wheat germ in to baked goods.  So I added a good teaspoon maybe even a teaspoon and a half of wheat grass powder.  It gave the cookies a green color, but that added to the mystery of them. 😉  I had just made some chocolate chip cookies, and since I’m frugal, I didn’t use the whole package so in when some chocolate chips.

When I throw things together it is generally either one of two out comes, either it’s out of the world good or it’s horrible.  At least I had a 50/50 chance!  I put them onto our Demarle baking sheet and into the oven, the first set was a bit to runny and the cookies spread, so I added more flour.  That seemed to work and the next batch was much better.  They were slightly chewy, so that is why I’m thinking baking powder might have been better than soda.  Next time there is left over oatmeal I’ll make another batch and let ya know.

The plate didn’t last.  There were a couple of second glances on the color, but the taste was great.  They didn’t even last until dinner.  I would prefer to let the flour soak more next time, since the oats did.  Soaking grains is very good for us and breaks down some enzymes that are not as easy for us to digest until they are soaked or fermented.

Lesson learned, don’t let anything go to waste.  There has to be some way to make it into something good, and if not there is always the chickens and they NEVER complain that my cooking is bad.  Bless their hearts 😉


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