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A female mosquito of the Culicidae family (Cul...

A female mosquito of the Culicidae family (Culiseta longiareolata). Size: about 10mm length Location: Lisbon region, Portugal Türkçe: Culiseta longiareolata türü dişi bir sivrisinek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We had the craziest weather today, it was sunny and it rained, then the sky got dark and we had an amazing thunder and lightning storm, then the hail came… our swollen creek is running so fast it should join the Olympic swimming team.  The signs of summer are just not showing.  Sure it’s spring in the Pacific Northwest, rain is the normal, but I have a nice reminder of summer on my leg and it’s not a tan.  Apparently when I was standing in the rain talking to my neighbor the other night, I was being feasted on by mosquitoes!  I noticed my leg itched, scratched it to find a huge welt.  The suckers got me 6 different times on the same leg!  Ugh.  Isn’t it too early for mosquitoes?

I noticed that my jar of homemade lavender oil was sitting on the counter.  So itchy and scratchy I decided to turn that into some mosquito repellent.  We have a lavender bush and so does my best friend, with our flowers and the ones she gave me I put them into a mason jar then covered them with oil and let them sit.  After they sat for several months, I strained them out of the oil then packed the jar full again of another batch of flowers and put the oil back on top.  So essentially I soaked the oil twice.  I’ve been using that lavender oil as my repellent for the last couple years, I’ve just kept it in the fridge and applied it when I needed it.  Lavender oil works amazingly for mosquitoes, but you have to apply more often than you would the chemical types.  So I wanted the power punch this year, I mean if they are out already and eating me alive like it’s June then I think we’ll need some good defenses this year.  I went online and found that lemon and eucalyptus oil was the best oils to ward off mosquitoes, so I just happened to have a little bottle of essential oils.  So I put some lemon eucalyptus oil in my lavender.  Then I made a salve out of it. I wrote a previous blog about making salves here.

So I have my defenses for the year.  But that doesn’t take care of my current problem, how much they itch!  So I did a little looking and found some interesting ideas.  I took these ideas from this site.

  • Rub the bite with soap.
  • Apply an ice pack to the bite.
  • Mix baking soda with enough water to make a paste and apply to the bite.
  • Apply lavender and tea tree oils with a swab.
  • Rub a piece of freshly cut onion on the bite.
  • A dab of toothpaste is soothing, too.

I’ve done baking soda on bee stings, the onion just sounds like it would sting like crazy, and I don’t use conventional toothpaste…  The one thing the author suggests before the points above was to rub a banana skin on them.  We have tons of bananas around and so I was itching enough, and the results were pretty fabulous actually.  The banana skin took away the itch 100%.  I am not sure how long it lasts but I’m willing to reapply.  However a banana peel at work probably wouldn’t work, I think there I’d stick with some essential oils which could be easily applied in the restroom. 🙂  Happy mosquito season folks, hope they are not going crazy on you like they are on me.

Deutsch: eine Bananenschale English: banana peel

Deutsch: eine Bananenschale English: banana peel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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I am blessed to work for an Orthopedic Surgeon, so when I have small issues I can ask the MA (medical assistant)  to take an X-ray (although I’m not a fan of radiation, I do take daily iodine to help protect my thyroid from radiation) and I can go to my doctor with questions and I don’t have to pay those pesky specialist copays, in fact it’s all free, but trust me I work for it. 🙂  Anyway, several weeks ago I was having all sorts of pain when I woke up in the morning, the first steps were so painful I would limp.  Getting out of the car once I got to work, again painful enough to make me limp.  I’m not a rush to a doctor kind of person, so I just dealt with it and went on.  Soon I wasn’t even noticing it, but Sunday Hubby gave me a foot massage and all of a sudden that pain was back, yikes it hurt!  So Monday I asked the MA to take an X-ray, she didn’t see any breaks but would have the doc look at it.  We talked a bit yesterday, he didn’t see any fracture but said when I had pain in the morning to come talk to him.  This morning Hubby woke me up early to work out and train with him.  He is training for a MMA fight and I am helping him, holding the mitts and such.  It’s good for us both, we both could stand to lose some weight.  After our morning workout my foot was really aching.  I came in to work and went back and asked the doctor to talk more about it.  When I described my pain (both on the bottom and on top, with pain shooting up my leg) he basically said that it’s probably a stress fracture that he can’t see on the X-ray and that I have to stay off it.  How am I gonna lose weight that way doc?  He suggested a stationary bike, which we don’t have, my trampoline is my workout of choice.  So I’m going to have to get creative, which is fine.  I am overweight and that has to change, although I’ve lost 5lb I do still have a ways to go and we are just getting going, I can’t stop now.  I talked to Hubby who said we’d modify the workouts so I don’t put pressure on that foot, but I do want to do more, so I’m gonna share my plan of action.

First off did you know there is an herb called “knitbone”?  Honestly this is one of my all time favorite herbs ever, Comfrey.  There is a bit of controversy with ingesting the herb, some say it shouldn’t be taken internally when you have liver issues, I don’t have liver issues and I have drank comfrey in many teas for many different healing needs, for many years.  I love the stuff, Hubby drinks it too.  We don’t drink it daily but when your body needs healing I think it’s a great herb.  However, it can also be used externally.  I think fresh works best external but we’re in the middle of winter, so I will use what we have dried.  Comfrey is used to heal bones (among other things).  The first time I heard of it was through an herbal website I belonged to (pay every month kind of thing) the owners son had broken his arm, above the cast the would put daily comfrey poultices on his shoulder to help heal the bone.  We are lucky to have found a huge comfrey patch behind a friend’s house and harvested a lot of this precious herb.  I think this should be growing in everyone’s garden.  So I will add water to my dried comfrey then I will blend it and put that mash on my foot and let it sit, I’ll probably do as long as I can, hopefully an hour a day, while I knit.  Here is a picture of comfrey:

Secondly I just read on Livestrong.com that arnica is a good herb for stress fractures as well.  Arnica is STRICTLY for external use, do not ingest it for whatever reason, it is POISONOUS!  Ok that out-of-the-way, it is used topically all the time for bruises and non open injuries (ie the skin is not broken, again you don’t want this inside your body for any reason).  I have an arnica gel that I purchased and used it on sore muscles, bumps, bruises etc.  But I have dried arnica as well and I will probably include some of that to my comfrey poultice.

Lastly I am going to make sure I take some supplements that strengthen bones.  I already take these things but I think I will ramp them up for a few weeks.  I take coral calcium daily, but I will increase my daily intake.  I also take food grade diatomaceous earth, which contains silica which is a big component to building strong bones.  I won’t spend a lot of time on the DE but I did do a blog post on this already (https://virtuousgracious.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/food-grade-diatomaceous-earth/) so read that if you want more information on diatomaceous earth.  Lastly I am going to also start drinking more raw milk and eat more raw butter.  We get our milk from a local lady, have also had raw goat milk.  Technically our raw milk is for “animal” consumption because Oregon has a silly law that raw cows milk can’t be sold for human consumption, but… raw goats milk can?  I know, I don’t get it either.

I will keep you updated on the healing process, the hard part is because no break is showing up on the X-ray I will only be able to tell it’s better by how it feels.  I am praying for a speedy recovery, I have wanted to get into jogging and this is putting a wrench in that plan.  God gave us all we need for healing, I am convinced of it every time I look to herbs for a remedy.

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Moody Institute of Science put out some really informative videos about creation in the 50’s and 60’s.  They have a video called Hidden Treasures that is probably my favorite.  In this video they talk about diatomaceous earth, you can watch it here on google http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=794219833242953957 at minute 24 they start to talk about DE (Diatomaceous Earth) the video is only 28 minutes so should be easy to watch.  Anyway, there are huge mountains of DE that were not formed millions of years ago, but they were formed because of the flood of Noah.  Well really it was God‘s flood but you get my point.  Diatoms are small creatures that live in the ocean and when they die their glass houses fall to the bottom of the ocean.  In the case of the mountains of DE this happened as the waters receded and layers started to form.  Take yourself a glass and fill it with different things, sand, clay, dirt etc now add water and shake.  Let that glass of water and contents sit until everything settles (go ahead, I’ll wait), what do you see?  Layers form because the floating contents have different weights and size.  I learned this in the 6th grade at outdoor school.  You’ll have layers of sand, dirt, clay etc, this same principle happened after the flood.  So we have these mounds of DE and I’m pretty sure God knows what he’s doing so lets look a bit more into this powder.

First off the controversy.  For the record I am ONLY talking about FOOD GRADE DE.  There are different types of DE and some are toxic and are used in pool filtration.  If your bag does not look like this next photo, do not buy, do not ingest.  If you do, I am not responsible for your ignorance, well I’m not responsible for it anyway, but don’t get all American sue happy on me if you take the wrong stuff.  That’s my “disclaimer” sad these days that we even have to put that in…

Back to the DE.  I had heard of it before but only because my Hubby does gardening and self sustainable agriculture.  If you ask most people they will probably tell you it’s toxic and you can’t eat it, well I disagree.  I belong to a yahoo group about herbal medicine.  Someone posted a question about FOOD GRADE DE, the consensus was that it is toxic and you shouldn’t eat it.  It sparked an interest in me and I googled “food grade diatomaceous earth.”  My first website was Wolf Creek Ranch located in California.  http://wolfcreekranch1.tripod.com/defaq.html I started reading what they had to say about DE and it differed from the yahoo group opinions.  They said that DE contains high amounts of silica and that without silica life is not possible.  (See God does know what he’s doing!)  Diatoms little houses that fall really is DE are shaped in a way that they will slice and kill any parasite, worm, or pest.  You can sprinkle it on your chickens to help them with bugs, or place some in their coop to roll in.  You can use it as a flea treatment on your pets.  If you place a worm in DE first the sharp edges of the DE will slice open the worm, then the powder will dry the worm out and it will die.  Same concept in your gut, although it doesn’t slice you.  What it does do is clean out your intestines, years of gunk, garbage and even mold (yes, I know it’s SO gross) start to line your intestines and your ability to absorb vitamins and mineral is drastically reduced.  I have also heard that many people are living with some type of parasite or intestinal worm without knowing it, this too will cause you not to absorb minerals that you need because the worm is getting it all.  So you mix a heaping TBSP of DE (from now on we’ll just assume every time I say DE, I’m only talking about food grade) in water and drink daily.  Some of the health benefits are healthier skin, nails and hair (or coat for your pets), lowers blood pressure, absorbs toxins (the shape of the DE is porous, and attract toxic metals and viruses, pesticides, E-Coli, heavy metals etc), lowers cholesterol, regular bowel movements, healthier teeth and gums.  I encourage you to research yourself and see.

So I ordered a bag, a 50lb bag.  Shipping cost me as much as the bag of DE did!  Honestly a 50lb bag was only $26.99.  You can learn from me on this, I just found out that our Feed and Seed store carries food grade DE!  And it’s the same price but we save on shipping, so call your local feed store and find out if they carry it, which they probably do.  If they don’t they might be able to get it, but again Food Grade only, the bag should look exactly like the one I posted above.  Hubby and I have been taking it daily since November.  I am still very much alive and well, so is hubby.  I have also been giving it daily to our dogs (two black labs) and our cats, we are all just fine and healthy.  I suspected the cats had worms and I KNEW our female lab did (yeah saw those nasty suckers).  Since giving DE there has been no more worms.

I can honestly say I don’t notice that much difference in myself, not some kind of “miracle” at least.  What I do notice is that I have regular bowel movements which never use to be the case.  I don’t get diarrhea, or constipation which I was prone to both before.  Some days I wouldn’t have any bowel movement and now I have generally two a day.  We did notice what we called “oily butt” for the first day or two as the DE was cleaning out our intestines.  I have read that people notice some pretty disturbing things coming out of them.  Some people don’t want to know and don’t look.  I was somewhere in the middle.  I’m not a stool examiner by any means, but I did watch some what.  The same time we added the DE to our diet we also added Iodine.  I believe I did a blog on Iodine, so check that out if you want more info.

What I can say for sure is that I’ve always been the type of person who gets sick when someone looks at them funny.  Since taking the DE I haven’t caught any cold or bug, and I work in a doctor’s office.  It’s almost February and we are in the cold and flu days.  I am keeping track of that, honestly if the only thing this is doing for me (which I’m sure it’s not the only thing) is keeping me from getting sick, I’m all for it.  I notice our dogs and cats have no issue eating it.  I make them a special breakfast (dog food, DE, water and some iodine) and they can’t wait for it.  They also have easy stool.  Their coats are great although I’m not sure I can say this is a DE result or not.  But I do feel great, and just the fact that toxic stool isn’t built up in my body every day I know is a health benefit.

The taste is earthy and little “dry,” but it’s pleasant.  We drink a bit in water every morning with our iodine.  We also brush our teeth with it (see wolf creek ranch website for more info on teeth health, also read their testimonial page).  I have put it on the backs of our dogs to keep some fleas down, although I should take them outside and really go to town with them (just don’t get it in their eyes, it’s drying).  I will probably do that in the summer when the fleas are worse.  It can be used in gardening, in your compost pile and even your worm bin (don’t mix it in to the worm bin just put it on top. It shouldn’t kill your worms because you aren’t putting it directly on them).  Silica is an important mineral for ALL life and we don’t get enough.  I’m a huge fan of DE and will continue to use it on myself, my family and pets and this summer it will go on our garden.

I am constantly learning about a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and nutrition.  As I find new things I do try them, some stick and some don’t.  I can honestly say I’ll be taking DE for the rest of my life.  I think it’s an amazing testament of God’s love for us, he really did give us everything we need.


Update 1/27/12: I was just perusing naturalnews.com this morning and I discovered a recent article written on the benefits of silica 🙂 Check it out http://www.naturalnews.com/034756_silica_anti-aging_heavy_metals.html

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I fell into natural food and medicine in 2006 while reading a book on the subject.  I had several introductions to the life but for the most part stayed complacent until 2006 when reading Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About.  Yes, I jumped on that “fad” but honestly it changed my life.  Well it’s actually been a slow process but it’s coming along.  The book talked about things that I had heard previously from a Naturopathic Doctor who was treating me in 2001 for something that stumped the Medical Doctors.  The light went on and the journey began.  Since then I’ve been gobbling up information like a sponge, so I thought I would share some of the places I find good ideas on natural living.

#1 GNOWFGLINS-  My most recent find.  It stands for God‘s natural, organic, whole foods, grown locally in season, whew is that a mouth full!  I’ve been a serial lurker on this website, they have eclasses but I have not ever signed up.  I’ve made cheese with my milk lady, I bought their sourdough ebook, and the classes in the “fundamentals” class well, I didn’t think I needed.   I pretty much know how to cook a chicken, and sprout beans, soaking grains however… I could figure it out.  But, I am on their email list and they have a new eclass Fundamentals II, the one thing that reached out and grabbed my attention was how to cook organ meats.  I have been trying to find a good source on this subject for a while.  We help butcher chickens so I ask for organ meat, I know it’s healthy for us, but I have no idea how to cook them.  So I signed up, they have very easy terms for payment, I chose $10 a month and you can cancel at any time.  The older classes which I didn’t think I would need, are amazing!  I highly recommend this website gnowfglins.com

#2 Natural News– My favorite website!  Mike Adams is a great guy with lots of amazing information.  This is my go to website for questions on herbs or natural treatments or remedies.  They also expose a lot of garbage going on in the world, like GMO, Pesticides, Cancer etc.  You can search virtually any topic and find something about it.  They have videos (for free!) and also a store where you can purchase items.  There is a search where you can find drug interactions with herbs… ok I could go on and on… but just check out naturalnews.com

#3 Sally Fallon‘s Nourishing Traditions.  This book is PACKED with info.  I ignore the “millions of years” garbage because I know I was created perfectly by God in heaven, but her info is great in the nutrition department.   She talks about whole foods, grains, raw milk products, organ meats, fermentation etc.   Basically it’s GNOWFGLINS but in book form.  I haven’t gone through and done everything in this book yet but even though it’s a bit pricy, I do recommend having this on your shelf.

#4 For fermenting specifically Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz.  This is where I got my recent sauerkraut recipe. 🙂 I believe he also talks about lacto-fremented sodas which we also do.

I think I’m going to stop here.  I have a lot of resources for other things, vitamins, coconut oil, herbs etc, but that’s a bit much for one post.

I did just watch a gnowfglins ecourse video about making your own soaked pasta and I believe that is going to be on my list of things to accomplish this week, maybe some soaked muffins or bread.  I’ve soaked grains before when doing sourdough but not just in regular cooking and what an important thing it is for proper digestion and mineral absorption.  I really do love learning new things. Cheers to a healthy life!

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Disease: a disordered or incorrectly functioning organ, part, structure, or system of the body resulting from the effect of genetic or developmental errors, infection, poisons, nutritional deficiency or imbalance, toxicity, or unfavorable environmental factors; illness; sickness; ailment. (Thank you Dictonary.com for this helpful info, my emphasis added) The word oriented from two words DES meaning “without” and AISE meaning “ease” so literally a disease is without ease, I’m sure many of us can relate to that.

When Japan had one of the worse devastating earthquakes and subsequent tsunami there was a lot of worry here on the west coast as to whether we would be hit by first off a tsunami but then the fear of radiation swiftly came.  There were photos of the possible track of the radiation and how long it would take for us to have it hit here.

As you can imagine fear (which is not of God might I add see 2 Timothy 1:7) gripped a lot of people who were paying attention.  There were runs on iodine supplements all around the country, even price gouging on some websites.  Even though we were told there was nothing to worry about, how many times have you heard these same things then years later be told that something was actually bad for us that once they told us wasn’t?  Cigarettes for example (although that didn’t stop me in high school)

A quick story.  First off I didn’t start out in life being healthy or natural, although my Mom did tell me that when I was young she was very into natural things, I do wonder why she found it “too hard” to keep that going.  *sigh* Anyway I was a typical person, I trusted every word my doctor told me, I got my vaccines at the exact time they were needed, I took prescription pills when they were given and I kept my mouth shut.  That all changed when I was 20, for a year and a half I had 6 surgeries, none of them helped me heal.  See the original surgery removed the “problem” but the next 5 were all the doctors “attempts” at making me heal.  Doctors know two major things, surgery and prescriptions, neither of these things were helping me.  I had a roommate whose dad was a Naturopath.  With borrowed money (why would a health insurance cover something that actually makes you healthy?) I went to see him, he told me I was so depleted nutritionally and no amount of eating food or taking vitamins would get me back to normal levels.  Why was I so unhealthy doc?  Apparently when we are put under anesthesia, we are the closest to death we can get without dying.  And in that state your body shuts down and thus you start to lose your vitamins and minerals.  His solution was a vitamin mineral IV for several weeks.  Not fun but it worked.  Of course the MD doctors patted themselves on the back when I finally healed.  Fast forward to 2006, I read Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About.  Everything that this book was saying was exactly what that ND told me when I was having all my surgeries.  I had gone back to a normal life after being healed, but I did keep all those things in my head that Dr Campbell told me.  Now they were all coming out in this book!  It was life changing and eye-opening.  My boyfriend (now husband)  and I were in Florida at the time, he went along with everything I was saying, which included stop buying the garbage food and start shopping at Whole Foods (AKA Whole Paycheck).  We started eating organic, we started watching the things we were putting in our body, and it was a good start.

Nothing was instant, in fact it’s 2011 and I still feel like I have a LONG way to go.  I have some friends who look up to us as their “model” for eating healthy and taking care of their temple, but I don’t think I’m the best model.  We still have our moments of eating bad, and even eating out (shhh, don’t blow our cover).  I haven’t seen the fruits of my labor so to speak.  I am still over weight, so his hubby, we don’t work out as we should, and I don’t “feel” healthy.  Now back to your regularly scheduled program….er blog.

So after Japan all this talk about iodine.  One of my favorite websites is naturalnews.com they started posting a lot about the radiation damage that could be done.  I stood up and took notice.  Iodine was the solution they said (although these comments haven’t been evaluated by the FDA, why did we give them complete control over our lives again!?) helps protect your body from radiation, but the other things that iodine does for us were so compelling that I just spent $75 (which is a lot to us) on a 8oz bottle of iodine.  Did you know that fluoride actually depletes iodine from our bodies?  Fluoride is actually one of the most toxic chemicals that we can put anywhere near our body.  My dentist ALWAYS tries to push that garbage on me but I just tune him out and say “no thanks, you are not going to change my mind.”

Most people have a iodine deficiency, which is why it was added to salt.  Iodine is important to so many different things in the body, our heart, brain, immune system, thyroid, gastrointestinal system, hormones, ovaries, lungs, breasts, eyes, mouth, bones and blood.  I mean, did we leave anything out?  I just had a friend’s Aunt email me and say that she had a questionable mammogram, do you know what I suggested? Iodine.  In fact I sent her several links about iodine and breast cancer, as well as a link to my $75 source. 😉  It’s not a secret though.

Before we bought a pretty low source of iodine, that is why the stuff I get now is so expensive, it’s POTENT!  But God thought of everything do you know there is iodine in seaweed, fish, lima beans, peas even a banana.  Now most of these don’t have powerful shots of it, and most of us don’t eat enough of it to make a difference.

It’s been three days since we have started taking our iodine, I have increased energy already and so does hubby.  I am hoping for some weight loss, and did you know that it can even be used as an antibiotic?  Those things cause so much havoc on our bodies by killing ALL bacteria even the good stuff in our gut.  I can’t list it all, I really encourage you to take a look at iodine, and if you are interested I will even share my source (which is actually pretty cost-effective, but $75 at once is hard to swallow, they do have smaller bottles but the $75 is cheaper per weight than the other).  Go to http://www.naturalnews.com and search “iodine” your body needs it so bad!  I’ll keep you updated on my iodine experience.  We are also adding something else to our diet, which I will get into in another post, but it’s all for health.

As for taste, iodine tastes to me very “earthy” to my hubby and our friend it tastes like water or as hubby puts it chlorinated (or tap) water.  Remember somethings are for health not taste, and that is my trade mark statement. So go get healthy, get your family healthy and remember that God thought of everything for us to be able to stay healthy and disease (without ease) free.




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My coworker came back from vacation this week, she had flown to see her son in college and came back with an airplane cold.  I am the type that seems to get sick when someone looks at me funny so I went into precaution mode, wipe down her desk when she leaves, grab some emergen-C, drink lots of water, get lots of rest.  I figured by avoidance I could at least ward off her cold.  Then last night I get home and tell hubby about her cold, he looks at me and says “I have a cold.” UGH!! First off he NEVER gets sick and second if he gets it then surly I will, or if I don’t catch it from him, then our friend (who is staying with us) will get it and then pass it to me.  So I started getting into big time cold and flu remedies… these are my ways (well God‘s ways but I use them) to try to keep the sickness at bay.

1) Master Tonic.  I’ve heard this called by many different names, including Fire Cider.  But basically its equal parts (I use 1lb) of 5 ingredients, onion, garlic, ginger root, horseradish root, and HOT peppers.  You grate these all into a gallon jar then fill with real apple cider vinegar.  By real I mean it still has the “mother” in the bottom, you have to shake it up before you use it, it’s not filtered and clear.  Let this sit for preferably 6 months, but could be sampled from before.  Unfortunately we didn’t make any new this year, so we have a bit left in the fridge from last year.  I left that for hubby, so on to the next thing…

2) Kefir Water.  The probiotics in this is amazing, and healthy and life giving.  I have done some research and found that this is successful in warding off the bug.

3) Apples/Apple Juice.  The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” isn’t just a sweet little saying.  It’s truth!  God created apples to pack a huge punch, with vitamin C, with antioxidants.  Good good stuff.  My favorite part of my apple now is something I would never have eaten before, the seeds.  Apple seeds (as well as apricot and others) contain B-17 which has a cyanide compound that actually ATTACKS cancer.  I’m sure the FDA will not agree with me, but that’s ok I’m not a doctor and I’m not giving “medical advice.”  But this just proves God thinks of EVERYTHING!

4)Lemon/Garlic water.  I just read on a blog post about this, you put 1/2 a lemon and a grated up clove of garlic in some hot water and drink.  Maybe a little honey…oh yeah!

5) Garlic oil.  You can make your own garlic oil, put some grated garlic in some oil and let it sit.  (feel free to look up specific quantities online)  Generally a few hours will work, probably better over night… but then you put the oil on your feet and put socks on then you sleep with it.  They say it helps the garlic to get into your blood stream and fight those germs.  I’ve also heard that some people can taste the garlic in their mouths in the morning, although I’ve never had that happen.  Do be careful though, garlic can burn the skin, so you don’t want to over do it on the garlic.

6) Over all take care of your body.  Don’t eat lots of sugar or refined foods, eat life giving foods, ALIVE foods.  Probably best to stay away from fast foods (which we all should do all the time anyway, but I understand a busy life), I’ve also heard dairy but we drink raw goats milk, so I personally think that this is adding beneficial bacteria to your system and that can help.  Don’t go to bed with a wet head (GUILTY of this all the time!!), go to bed early, and if you are horribly sick stay home.  Quit pushing yourself and rest.

Here’s praying for a cold free cold season!

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