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My coworker came back from vacation this week, she had flown to see her son in college and came back with an airplane cold.  I am the type that seems to get sick when someone looks at me funny so I went into precaution mode, wipe down her desk when she leaves, grab some emergen-C, drink lots of water, get lots of rest.  I figured by avoidance I could at least ward off her cold.  Then last night I get home and tell hubby about her cold, he looks at me and says “I have a cold.” UGH!! First off he NEVER gets sick and second if he gets it then surly I will, or if I don’t catch it from him, then our friend (who is staying with us) will get it and then pass it to me.  So I started getting into big time cold and flu remedies… these are my ways (well God‘s ways but I use them) to try to keep the sickness at bay.

1) Master Tonic.  I’ve heard this called by many different names, including Fire Cider.  But basically its equal parts (I use 1lb) of 5 ingredients, onion, garlic, ginger root, horseradish root, and HOT peppers.  You grate these all into a gallon jar then fill with real apple cider vinegar.  By real I mean it still has the “mother” in the bottom, you have to shake it up before you use it, it’s not filtered and clear.  Let this sit for preferably 6 months, but could be sampled from before.  Unfortunately we didn’t make any new this year, so we have a bit left in the fridge from last year.  I left that for hubby, so on to the next thing…

2) Kefir Water.  The probiotics in this is amazing, and healthy and life giving.  I have done some research and found that this is successful in warding off the bug.

3) Apples/Apple Juice.  The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” isn’t just a sweet little saying.  It’s truth!  God created apples to pack a huge punch, with vitamin C, with antioxidants.  Good good stuff.  My favorite part of my apple now is something I would never have eaten before, the seeds.  Apple seeds (as well as apricot and others) contain B-17 which has a cyanide compound that actually ATTACKS cancer.  I’m sure the FDA will not agree with me, but that’s ok I’m not a doctor and I’m not giving “medical advice.”  But this just proves God thinks of EVERYTHING!

4)Lemon/Garlic water.  I just read on a blog post about this, you put 1/2 a lemon and a grated up clove of garlic in some hot water and drink.  Maybe a little honey…oh yeah!

5) Garlic oil.  You can make your own garlic oil, put some grated garlic in some oil and let it sit.  (feel free to look up specific quantities online)  Generally a few hours will work, probably better over night… but then you put the oil on your feet and put socks on then you sleep with it.  They say it helps the garlic to get into your blood stream and fight those germs.  I’ve also heard that some people can taste the garlic in their mouths in the morning, although I’ve never had that happen.  Do be careful though, garlic can burn the skin, so you don’t want to over do it on the garlic.

6) Over all take care of your body.  Don’t eat lots of sugar or refined foods, eat life giving foods, ALIVE foods.  Probably best to stay away from fast foods (which we all should do all the time anyway, but I understand a busy life), I’ve also heard dairy but we drink raw goats milk, so I personally think that this is adding beneficial bacteria to your system and that can help.  Don’t go to bed with a wet head (GUILTY of this all the time!!), go to bed early, and if you are horribly sick stay home.  Quit pushing yourself and rest.

Here’s praying for a cold free cold season!

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