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Ok so I’m sure I’m not one that “came up” with this idea and probably am not the only person to do this but it is a fun little game for the summer in the car.  I have an hour each way commute to work, ie two full hours (sometimes more when traffic is bad) on the road.  In the summer more people travel and I start to see license plates from all sorts of random states.  One year I got to thinking, I wonder if I see all 50 states?

The game started out pretty simple, I started keeping track of the states I saw on a piece of paper in the car.  I had hand scribbles of the states we saw, with numbers to count to see if we had 50.  But recently we have “upgraded” to a printed copy of all 50 state names where now I can simply check off the states as I see them.

Our rules are these: 1) you HAVE to be in the car for the plate to count.  For example I go for walks a lot at work and because of the mall near us there are always out-of-state plates, but they only count when I am in the car.  2) On semi trucks the trailer plate doesn’t count, it has to be the license plate on the front of the cab, we figured that was were they are really from anyway.

Last year I think we got every plate but West Virginia, and I have already seen that plate this year.  Might be a great year for the license plate game.  It’s silly but it keeps me occupied.  I enjoy seeing out-of-state plates and dreaming of places I’ve never seen.

I have additional game “boards” (ie the names of the 50 states on a printed piece of paper) in the car for more years.  I suspect I will use the board more than once, maybe changing ink color for next year.  I also write down the month I start the game so I once I get all 50 states I know how long it took.  😀

For those in different countries, I suspect you can do the same but of course you’ll have to figure out your variation of the plate game.  Kind of fun, and dorky too… but I will never deny being a bit dorky. 😉

Happy Friday All!

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