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I remember those commercials when I was young, Chia Head, Chia Pet, then they came out with cartoon chia’s.  We were much too poor to get something like that, but my neighbor friend had one.  I remember watching the seeds grow in her kitchen window.  That had been my only interaction with chia seeds until probably a year ago.  In fact this blog doesn’t even recognize the word and is telling me to change it to China, LOL so let me introduce you in case you also don’t have much knowledge of this tiny little miracle seed.

Chia seeds are very small but pack quite a punch.  In fact they contain more antioxidants than fresh blueberries, more omega-3’s than Atlantic Salmon, more calcium than 2% milk, more protein, fiber and calcium than flax seeds (thanks to http://www.thechiaseed.com/ for this info).  Chia is also a complete protein unlike MOST vegetable sources, you don’t have to add anything to them to make them complete.  I have read in multiple sources that Aztec and Mayan men would take chia seeds with them to battle.  They were small and easy to carry and they would take a teaspoon of them for energy.

I think I found chia seeds from my herb source mountainroseherbs.com (I love them because they are in Eugene, Oregon and I’m in Oregon so it just seems right.  Oh and the fact that they have amazing prices and give you discounts on multiple pounds that you buy helps too).  I was getting on a sprouting trip.  I bought chia along with alfalfa seeds to sprout.  It wasn’t until AFTER I got the seeds that I noticed the chia wasn’t washing clean like the alfalfa seeds.  They had this…gel.  I contacted Mountain Rose and finally the mystery was solved, this is normal and you don’t sprout chia seeds like you do others.  Well… great.  Now what am I gonna do with a pound of these seeds if I couldn’t use my sprouting screens?  So research began and I found chia seed pudding.  Chia seeds soak up 9-12 times it’s weight in water, depending what site you get your info from.  Some sites say to add 2 cups water to 1/3 cup seeds, some say 3 cups water to 1/3 cup seeds, I usually wing it.  I also don’t use water, I make a fruit “syrup” out of frozen fruit we have.  Mostly I do blueberry and elderberry or a combo of both, simmered in water to release the fruit juice.  Then I add a sweetener sometimes sugar, sometimes honey, sometimes stevia, sometimes syrup.  This past batch I made elderberry juice with stevia to soak the seeds in, added the seeds and let them plump up to the gel stage.  Then I added some organic cranberry maple syrup we picked up at a discount store (Grocery Outlet).  The addition of the syrup made this batch extremely good.  You do have to make sure they are covered in the fridge because they do dry out if left uncovered.  I’m a use-what-you-have type of person, why go waste money on buying something specific when something else would work that is already at home?  So if you have apples, use apples, if you have juice in your fridge, then use juice.

We call it chia pudding in our house but that’s only because it’s like tapioca in a way.  Each chia seed has a gel around it that swells up with whatever liquid you use.  So it has a “pudding” like feel.  You could use milk and make pudding too if you want, your imagination is your only limit here.  I take a bunch to work and use it as a pick me up in the afternoon.  I’ve eaten it for lunch, had it as dessert after dinner and you don’t feel guilty for eating it!  I’ve added fruit to it (Blueberries are so good!) and made it like a Jello fruit mold.  Recently I found a bag in the cupboard, I haven’t done chia in a while and I started, I’m sitting here eating it at lunch today.  It’s especially refreshing on a hot summer day which I can’t wait for, come on Summer!  As for sources, there are a zillion places to find organic chia seeds.  Mountain Rose Herbs, Naturalnews.com store has them, google them.  I’m a proponent of saving money so find the best deal and go with it!

Such a sad thought that so many chia seeds were wasted on stupid chia heads!  We could have been eating them and getting good nutrition, but what kid thought about that?  I guess there are some benefits to growing up.  🙂



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