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I am a bzzagent, which means I am given the opportunity to receive products and review them.  I just received Dr Scholls for her High Heel inserts for free to review.  The name make them a bit deceiving I believe, because not all woman wear high heel shoes and these inserts are NOT just for high heel shoes.  When I got them in the mail Hubby and I both couldn’t stop touching these things, LOL they are super squishy and gel-like.  I am not a high heel kind of girl, don’t get me wrong they are fun but I’m clumsy and I tend to not stay upright when wearing high heels.  I do wear one pair of flats all the time to work, they are slip on easy type Mary-Janes and I love them.  So I slipped these inserts into them and wore them to work.  The first thing I noticed is that they add quite a bit of arch support to my flats!  My feet were quite happy.  The inserts seemed small, like my feet were not going to fit on them, but I was wrong.  They fit very well, I can feel the arch the most, then the foot pad next, but not much in the heel.   I was most impressed with the arch support, especially in flats!

I have mortons neroma in my feet and I bought Dr Scholls custom orthotics, but they are pretty bulky and they do not fit info my work shoes.  So I really like that there is an alternative that I can wear and still get some support during my work day.  These are also clear, so if you want to slip them into your sandals, or wedges or any high heel or shoe that is open, you won’t see these.  Summertime comfort, I am ALL about my feet being comfortable.

Over all I’m impressed with these!  Plus they are about $10 at most stores and get this, they sent me $4 off coupons to share!  So here’s what I’m going to, if you are interested in giving foot happiness a try, I’m going to give one reader a pair of these, and two others I’ll mail you a coupon.  I am not sure how the coupon will work in other countries, so for my out of the USA readers you can enter for the insoles but I won’t offer the coupons (unless someone can tell me they will work).  If you are interested give me a comment and lets say by June 4th (my official fast ending day) I’ll name a winner, and the two others who I’ll mail a $4 off coupon to.

So to be clear to enter the giveaway: Write a comment saying your interest.  Three people will win, one person will win a NEW pair of insoles and two others will receive a $4 off coupon to use to buy your own.  Sound good?  😀  I love happy feet!

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