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I have recently become irritated with the company I buy our laundry soap from, it seems they are price gouging their customers and I am not into that.  They have just cut their bag size in half and only dropped the price $7 (from $27.99 now to $20.99) so I’m paying MORE for the same stuff.  Not ok in my book, so I am looking for an alternative.

Before I tried this company’s (name withheld to protect the innocent) laundry soap I was looking into making my own.  Honestly it seemed SUPER easy but because I am a “consultant” for this company it only made since to buy it from myself, so to speak.  But I’m done with that, I’m a moral person and this seemed like an immoral move.  So today I looked up the homemade laundry soap again and I’m still scratching my head at why I didn’t try this before.

The recipe is pretty much the same across the board.  1 Fels-Naptha soap bar, 1 Cup Washing Soda and 1/2 C Borax.  The bar of soap can be substituted for what you have.  I may in the future try some homemade soap, but since I’m first trying this out, I figured I would go with the Fels-Naptha.

Instructions are equally simple: Boil 4 cups of water on the stove, grate your bar of soap and add to the boiling or hot water.  I’ve seen two ways, one person put the grated soap in while the water was still on and boiling, another person turned off the heat and added the soap.  You do this to dissolve the soap into the water.  Then you take a 5 gallon bucket fill it half way with HOT/WARM tap water.  To that you add your dissolved soap bar in 4 cups of water, stir until incorporated.  Then you add the washing soda, again stir until incorporated.  Then you add the borax… and you guessed it, stir until incorporated.  You let this mixture cool, at that point you can add essential oils if you wish (10-15 drops per 2 gallons which seems to be about 25-37 drops).   You leave it to sit over night and when you return in the morning you have a gelatinous goo.  Appealing huh?

For top loaders you use 5/8 cup per load (1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp) What is up with the 1/8 cups (BTW 1/8C is a Tbsp)?  I see this ALL the time in my sour dough recipes.  Luckily I have a little conversion chart on my fridge, so I cheat. 😉 But this should last approx 180 loads

Front loaders use 1/4 Cup per load and should be approx 640 loads.

This is my weekend project, I can’t wait!  I think I’ll be throwing in some soap making too just because it’s been a while since I got to make some and I really enjoy it.

For the math of it all, I went to Fred Meyer (Kroger) and a large box of washing soda was $3.49, a large box of Borax was $4.35 and the Fels-Naptha soap (I bought 2) were $1.33 each.  $9.17 and I’m pretty sure you’ll get SEVERAL loads out of these boxes.  Can you buy all natural soap for $9.17?  Either way you made it yourself and it’s pretty rewarding I might add. 🙂


OOPS! When you fill up your containers with this soap, you only fill it half way then you add water for the rest.  Use old gallon jugs, or old laundry soap containers.  🙂

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