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Several years ago Hubby and I went to the coast with my best friend, her cousin and boyfriend for a concert at a casino.  We all shared a house for the weekend and got into a lot of fun conversations.  My best friend’s cousin knows a lot about herbs and natural life and told us WAAAAY back then about Spirulina.  I had never heard about it before that conversation.  We asked her if you could take one thing every day for health what would it be and her answer was Spirulina.  At the time my source of buying herbs and health items was only one place, Mountain Rose Herbs, which is located in Eugene, OR.  They have a great website if you haven’t ever ordered from them, and they pretty much have every herb you will need.  We ordered a bag of Spirulina, when we got it, it was this DARK green color, not appetizing at all.

To be perfectly honest, we didn’t eat it much.  In the beginning Hubby (bless his heart!) made some nasty smoothies.  They were packed full of kelp and dulce and Spirulina and protein powders.  His thought was they were for health and not for taste, but we didn’t keep up with them because well… they tasted like a nasty fish died in our morning smoothie.   Really who wants to eat that?  Now, we are in a better place.  We make smoothies that taste very healthy but they also taste very good.  There is a fine line to adding TOO much dried sea vegetables, trust me it’s not pretty either.

So Spirulina what’s the big deal?  Well when watching Food Matters I learned a lot more than I ever have.  First off and what seems most important is Spirulina is the highest food protein source in the world.  When you cook your food you lose up to 50% of the protein in it just by cooking it.  It is packed full of vitamins and minerals here are a few: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Vitamin C, D, and E, foltate, vitamin K, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Beta Carotene, calcium, manganese, iron, chromium, phosphorus, iodine, chloride, magnesium, sodium, zinc, selenium, germanium, copper, boron… that isn’t even the full list.  It’s easily digestible… listen to how David Wolfe explains that in Food Matters.

It’s pretty much got it all.  I haven’t tried it alone, only with other algae but interestingly enough Spirulina is a fresh water algae.  I just learned that today.  There are tons of sources for buying yours, buy organic only though.  Start having a smoothie every morning add what makes you feel good.  Our morning smoothie we do very simply in our Magic Bullet:    1 Banana, 3 drops of stevia, a teaspoon of kelp, dulce, Spirulina, pea protein (any protein works), and milk.  I’m a huge raw milk advocate, so we use raw milk for “animal consumption” because that is the only “legal” way to sell it in Oregon.  Goat milk however is legal raw.  But if you have blueberries make a blueberry smoothie, or have strawberries, or raspberry or blackberry, whatever you like and you have.  I can’t wait for the growing season this year, fresh fruit will be SO great in our smoothies this summer!
Spirulina is just another proof that God gave us everything we need.

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The “occupy movement” is really popular up here, so I had to chuckle when I thought of the title of this blog.  Several years ago I probably would have been on board with this whole thing, but God really has humbled my heart and this once liberal is fairly conservative now.  This blog is not about the occupy movement but 51% is important…

In the last few days I have been really getting into the film Food Matters, which in my last blog I said you could sign up and watch the first 40 minutes (of an 80 minute movie) for free.  The same company that put out Food Matters is coming out with a new film on March 21 through March 31 you can watch it for free.  I love free!  Nutrition has really been my passion for the past few years.  I have been doing a lot to learn about things that I wish I had known my whole life.  My body would probably not be in the shape it’s in (hormone imbalance, insulin resistant, over weight) had I learned these things a long time ago.  But, I didn’t and I’m not going to let that hang over my head anymore, I’m learning it now and I’m grateful.

I used to go to a naturopathic doctor, she was giving me homeopathy to help with my PCOS and my symptoms.  I saw her for two years and paid every cent out of my own pocket, my health insurance didn’t cover her because she is not a MD.  I since learned that homeopathy is really not of God, in fact it’s opposite of.  I won’t get into that here if you want to read more about it you can go here  or simply search “homeopathy and Christianity/God.”  When I quit seeing her I went to another ND who did an ultra sound on me to discover my ovaries are COVERED in cysts!  It was very traumatic to see, this guy wanted to put me on Metformin, which I was totally opposed to, I never went back.  Then I got to feeling that God wanted the credit to getting me healthy.  Sure the doctors could have probably done something for me, and I probably would have been better by now, but I truly feel that God wants to heal me and when I am healed by His way, then I can shout it from the roof tops!

A side note on PCOS, when I was diagnosed (by a saliva hormone panel) I did a lot of research on how to reverse this.  There wasn’t a lot out there, pretty much Metformin was the answer, just not my answer.  I did find a lady on youtube with a channel, she posted a video about how she reversed PCOS.  I was not at the time ready for the diet she suggested, which was a raw food diet, and how she reversed her PCOS.  Times change though… 

Now, I think I have figured out what it is that He wants me to do in order to heal my body.  After watching the first half of Food Matters, it was like the light went on.  Eureka! I got it!  What I learned in the first half of Food Matters is that basically our bodies see cooked food as an invader, not only does it cause our bodies to go on the defensive and white blood cell counts climb, but cooking also makes food lose nutrients.  50% of protein is lost when meat is cooked, did you know that!? I didn’t.  Am I advocating eating raw meat? No.  Although a rare steak is quite tasty, we also have chickens and I am not afraid to eat a raw egg from them.  In fact I’ve made raw eggnog with raw milk and some of our home grown chicken eggs and it is FANTASTIC!   There was a study done that people who ate 51% of every meal, raw, were healthier and the body didn’t go into defense mode after they ate.  So the first major thing to change in our diet is to eat 51% of each of your meals in raw food.  I showed Hubby the first 40 minutes of Food Matters and he also was changed by it.  Every morning since we have woke up and had a green raw smoothie for breakfast.  The smoothie is filled with stuff we already had, banana, raw milk, stevia, kelp powder, dulce powder, protein powder (we have pea protein), carob powder, wheat grass powder,  and a super food spirulina powder.  I am a coffee-aholic.  This week I have had coffee one time, which happened to be today because of two really rough nights of sleep.  I actually woke up this morning, turned of my alarm thinking it was Saturday… reality was not my friend this morning.


Have I been perfect this week? Absolutely not!  Every meal (other than breakfast) has been cooked for the most part.  Although I have been eating a lot of salads for lunch.  I make a conscious effort to eat more raw food though, a banana as a snack, some pineapple,  some nuts.  Last night I made raw “ice cream” with frozen bananas some raw milk, a bit of stevia (and I added a bit of maple syrup, the real stuff) cinnamon and vanilla.  It was a tasty treat!  The next goal is to add fresh juice daily.  We have a juicer…somewhere that I need to pull out and put in a prominent place in our kitchen.  I am not to a place where I am giving up meat, we are having a slow cooked roast for dinner, oh yum!  I do feel though that adding a large portion of raw foods to each meal is a good place to start.  Especially in the morning starting out with our smoothie, anyone can start the day with a fresh smoothie it’s actually faster than cooking eggs.  I haven’t added a raw egg to the smoothie yet, but I am going to now.  I eat my own eggs raw, I don’t advocate eating store bought eggs raw, because you never know where they are coming from and what went into raising them.  Read more about the health benefits of raw eggs here.

As I sit here at work sipping my morning smoothie, with a banana and pineapple on my desk, I’m ready for the raw day.  I don’t know what’s up ahead, but I do know I feel like I’m on the right track.  I highly recommend you take the 40 minutes out of your day and go to http://www.foodmatters.tv/ simply add your name and email address to have instant access to the first 40 minutes, I intend on paying $4.95 today to finish the video.  And on March 21-31st you can watch the whole new movie they have out called Hungry for Change by going here  you can sign up to be invited to watch the movie for free during those days.  They have some teaser videos on the website too so you can get your interests sparked like I did mine.  I promise it will change your life if you allow it to.



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