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Hebalism & God

When my journey into natural medicine started I was like anyone else who was STARVING for information.  I read book after book, I joined herbal groups, found internet paid groups to be part of, I even found a local herbalist to take me on herbal walks.  I was constantly looking down at all the plants trying to identify them and find their uses.  It was an amazing time in my life, so new and fresh.  People would start to ask me, what herb would you use for this or that and it would get me into my books or on to the web to ask my new herbal friends.  I was in heaven.

When you are new at things you take the advice of the more advanced people who are giving you knowledge.  You don’t question them, just like a college student wouldn’t question their professor, because OBVIOUSLY these people have much more knowledge than you do.  I, now do not believe that previous statement.  Every human is faulty, every human can be lead to an incorrect path.  In fact most Christian’s who go away to a secular college lose their faith, why?  Because they are taught by those “all knowing” professors that they “evolved” from a monkey.  And usually when people put that much money into something, you can’t doubt it, or why did you pay for it in the first place?  This same concept happens in the herbal world, and it happened to me.

I joined a online group, you paid so much a month to be able to see the forums and chat with the owners and have special lessons and you had access to a ton of herbalists.  I was doing a program also with a local herbalist and was paying her monthly.  In no time I was picking up every book that she suggested, oh how I loved Amazon for that!  I remember very clearly when an herbalist (both in books and the online group) said to leave a gift for Mother Earth when you take an herb.  So ingrained in this new world it didn’t even occur to me how wrong this really is.  Then I was given a book about Shamanism, and once I started to read it, again I felt like this was how the herbal world worked.  Ugh! Why didn’t I question these things!?  It was starting to get carried away, I felt that I could call the “spirits” of the Earth just in the same way the Shamans did, and how interesting this book was.  Now I realize they were calling on the spirits of Satan, not “the earth.”   Slowly though God started pulling me out of it.  Verses like Romans 1:25 (Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshiped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.) and Genesis 1:29 (And God said, Behold, I have given you every plant bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, which has seed in its fruit; to you it shall be for food.) became very important in my walk.  I was being woken up to the deception that I was under, and it became so much more clear that God created it all and I don’t have to leave God a gift for taking an herb he made for us, in fact God is the one that truly gave US the gift.  Now when I read a book that says that ginkgo is a prehistoric plant, I rejoice that it was around when the dinosaurs were but not MILLIONS of years ago, but pre-flood.  I am not afraid to cross out a part in a book about evolution and write over it “GOD.”

So when I tell people about an herb that can heal them, comfrey is one of my favorites, or skullcap to help them sleep, I can rejoice in God’s creation that he gave to us.  He thought of everything, even the seeds of Apples contain a cyanide that will kill the protein around cancer cells.  He knew what we would face and before we spit in his face by listening to Satan’s lies, he still thought of  us and the suffering we would go through and provided a way to make it easier.  That is amazing love!  So if you pick up white willow bark instead of aspirin (btw aspirin was originally made from white willow bark) praise your Creator for making herbs to help and heal us, enjoy that cup of tea and bask in his ultimate forgiveness.

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