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I took the dogs out for a last potty before bed last night and discovered my neighbor was outside having a smoke.  She is my first “friend” in our new neighborhood, we’ve had a few conversations and seem to have a bit in common, plus I don’t have many girl friends.  I don’t know what it is but girls tend to be a bit more… drama then men.  I have two very close friends from high school who are female but that’s about it.  Anyway, we got to chatting and all of a sudden I blurt out “we’ve been juicing and I feel great!”  Then I laughed and said “oh I’m such a dork.”  I started telling her about the juicing, how great I feel and that I got the idea from the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  She, to my surprise, had actually heard of it.  I also encouraged her to watch the free viewing of Hungry for Change.  It was strange though, I mean she and I don’t really know each other well.  She has told me a bit about her divorce and some personal stuff, but I’ve only lived next to her since November.  There I was standing in the rain, in my pink slippers, chatting about how great juicing made me feel.  It’s a bit unlike me actually, I’m not a get in your face type of person.  If you see something and ask then I’ll tell you generally, but just blurting stuff out to someone who is pretty much a stranger, is just not my style, but there I was.

Wednesday night Hubby made some organic locally grown hamburger with some brown rice and topped it with some Bragg’s amino acids, and some fresh veggies, including some home-grown sprouts.  I really thought I wanted it, it was the first time I ate meat a while.  It didn’t leave me feeling the way I thought I would.  I didn’t feel bad, but I certainly didn’t feel the way I do normally, well my normal now that is.  I found myself going back to the kitchen to top my bowl off with more fresh sprouts, what is going on with me!?

Yesterday we ran out of produce, so I juiced everything we had in the morning and shared it with Hubby.  It wasn’t enough to keep me full all day, so I munched on nuts and had some chicken feet soup stock with veggies.  Yet my body was craving juice.  Hubby went to the store and I came home to a big glass of juice, it hit my stomach and every cell was dancing.

Several years ago I became a vegetarian, I did it because I felt like a hypocrite.  How could I eat meat if I was too squeamish to kill it myself?  I lasted a year until a steak from a BBQ called me away from that life.  I’m not claiming to be a vegetarian but I can say that my body is reacting very well to this new diet.  I had a huge salad last night that filled me up, which is fairly uncommon, usually only carbs fill me like that.  I’m a sugar addict, and yet I don’t crave sugar anymore!  In fact, I don’t crave anything really.  I would get cravings for hamburgers (fat), carbs and sweets, coffee… now my body seems to only crave juice and healthy produce.  It feels weird, and yet exciting.  I’ve even lost some weight to boot!  Weight loss is not the goal but it is a nice motivator, I sure have some pounds to lose.  My skin is starting to clear up, I have color in my skin, I am more clear in thinking, and I have more energy than I use to, even my hair has more of a luster to it.  My body likes this new juicing thing!  I feel amazing, absolutely amazing and I never use to feel amazing.  Just the other day I was in my office and it was a slow day and I was alone, so I started doing squats and wall push ups and then jogging in place.  I felt all light and good so I started to do jumping jacks and soon remembered that my body weight has not quite caught up to how good I feel, I was reminded how heavy I felt, but that is just temporary.  Juicing is a lifestyle, I don’t believe it’s fleeting for a moment, because once you start and feel good, you can’t stop!  I feel amazing!

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I while ago I posted a blog called what part does the chicken nugget come from?  https://virtuousgracious.wordpress.com/2011/12/01/what-part-does-the-chicken-nugget-come-from/ Today I read a very disturbing article about a 17 year old who collapsed and was having a hard time breathing.  It turns out this girl has NEVER had veggies or fruit in her entire life but only eats chicken nuggets.  I was horribly appalled at this story, because we actually have known “friends” who pretty much only feed their kids from McDonald’s.  I’m a child of the 80’s so I was also raised on this horrible food.  Until Super Size Me, I had no idea just how bad this stuff was.

Here is the article about the poor 17 year old who collapsed http://health.yahoo.net/experts/dayinhealth/chicken-nuggets-how-bad-are-they  and even sadder I read that because our economy is so bad that MORE people are feeding their families McDonald’s because of the “cheap” food.  Why don’t we get that you get what you pay for?  Did God this create garbage food? No.  He gave us apples and kale, chicken (REAL chicken) and beef.  There are so many ways to make food cheaper, but this also involves work, and most people don’t want to work that hard.  But if your 17 year old collapses unable to breathe, is that enough to change your thought on this?

Most cities now allow people to have chickens for eggs, this is easy and cheap and you get healthy FRESH eggs.  A garden doesn’t take that much space.  Grow what you love.  Save what you can for the winter.  Have a winter garden in your window seal.  We have potatoes from last falls harvest in our basement.  We bought a box of sweet potatoes when they were on sale at the store and they are also in the basement storage.  Tomatoes were canned and dehydrated for future use.  Kale can also be dehydrated for kale chips and is a winter crop.  Grow sprouts in your kitchen for fresh winter food.  With a several pound bag of flour you can make all the bread your family needs, you can make pasta, biscuits, pizza dough (then put some of your canned tomatoes on your pizza).  I understand wanting fast food.  Truly I do.  But I also know the facts about the food you get and it’s not food.  Do you want to grow your nails and skin with silicone!?  Healthy living doesn’t have to be complicated, you just have to plan it out more.  Sit down on Sunday and plan your weeks meals.  Find a local person and split a cow or pig with them.  We found organic beef from a local person and bought all they had.   Get a freezer, learn to can, learn to dehydrate (which can be easily done without a fancy dehydrator) your food.

I wasn’t planning on writing today but this article really got to me.  I could easily have been that girl, I have several people I can think of right now that are raising kids on this garbage, just like that poor girl.  Why even start your kids on fast food?! If they never have it they will not become so horribly addicted to it that they refuse to eat anything else.  Kids need parents to set good examples, their lives depend on it.

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I remember those commercials when I was young, Chia Head, Chia Pet, then they came out with cartoon chia’s.  We were much too poor to get something like that, but my neighbor friend had one.  I remember watching the seeds grow in her kitchen window.  That had been my only interaction with chia seeds until probably a year ago.  In fact this blog doesn’t even recognize the word and is telling me to change it to China, LOL so let me introduce you in case you also don’t have much knowledge of this tiny little miracle seed.

Chia seeds are very small but pack quite a punch.  In fact they contain more antioxidants than fresh blueberries, more omega-3’s than Atlantic Salmon, more calcium than 2% milk, more protein, fiber and calcium than flax seeds (thanks to http://www.thechiaseed.com/ for this info).  Chia is also a complete protein unlike MOST vegetable sources, you don’t have to add anything to them to make them complete.  I have read in multiple sources that Aztec and Mayan men would take chia seeds with them to battle.  They were small and easy to carry and they would take a teaspoon of them for energy.

I think I found chia seeds from my herb source mountainroseherbs.com (I love them because they are in Eugene, Oregon and I’m in Oregon so it just seems right.  Oh and the fact that they have amazing prices and give you discounts on multiple pounds that you buy helps too).  I was getting on a sprouting trip.  I bought chia along with alfalfa seeds to sprout.  It wasn’t until AFTER I got the seeds that I noticed the chia wasn’t washing clean like the alfalfa seeds.  They had this…gel.  I contacted Mountain Rose and finally the mystery was solved, this is normal and you don’t sprout chia seeds like you do others.  Well… great.  Now what am I gonna do with a pound of these seeds if I couldn’t use my sprouting screens?  So research began and I found chia seed pudding.  Chia seeds soak up 9-12 times it’s weight in water, depending what site you get your info from.  Some sites say to add 2 cups water to 1/3 cup seeds, some say 3 cups water to 1/3 cup seeds, I usually wing it.  I also don’t use water, I make a fruit “syrup” out of frozen fruit we have.  Mostly I do blueberry and elderberry or a combo of both, simmered in water to release the fruit juice.  Then I add a sweetener sometimes sugar, sometimes honey, sometimes stevia, sometimes syrup.  This past batch I made elderberry juice with stevia to soak the seeds in, added the seeds and let them plump up to the gel stage.  Then I added some organic cranberry maple syrup we picked up at a discount store (Grocery Outlet).  The addition of the syrup made this batch extremely good.  You do have to make sure they are covered in the fridge because they do dry out if left uncovered.  I’m a use-what-you-have type of person, why go waste money on buying something specific when something else would work that is already at home?  So if you have apples, use apples, if you have juice in your fridge, then use juice.

We call it chia pudding in our house but that’s only because it’s like tapioca in a way.  Each chia seed has a gel around it that swells up with whatever liquid you use.  So it has a “pudding” like feel.  You could use milk and make pudding too if you want, your imagination is your only limit here.  I take a bunch to work and use it as a pick me up in the afternoon.  I’ve eaten it for lunch, had it as dessert after dinner and you don’t feel guilty for eating it!  I’ve added fruit to it (Blueberries are so good!) and made it like a Jello fruit mold.  Recently I found a bag in the cupboard, I haven’t done chia in a while and I started, I’m sitting here eating it at lunch today.  It’s especially refreshing on a hot summer day which I can’t wait for, come on Summer!  As for sources, there are a zillion places to find organic chia seeds.  Mountain Rose Herbs, Naturalnews.com store has them, google them.  I’m a proponent of saving money so find the best deal and go with it!

Such a sad thought that so many chia seeds were wasted on stupid chia heads!  We could have been eating them and getting good nutrition, but what kid thought about that?  I guess there are some benefits to growing up.  🙂



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Every kid I know would gobble up some of these deep-fried “treats” but the million dollar question is what part of the chicken exactly is the chicken nugget from?  Seriously guys this is not food.  Nuggets contain cancer causing agents, Dimethylpolysiloxane which is a type of silicone that is used in breast implants, phosphates and more.  This stuff is NOT made from God.  This is human “experimenting” at its worst and people feed this to their growing children, so their teeth are going to be made from silicone?!  What is food?  It helps us grow, and regrow.  It makes skin and cells and teeth…  The next photo is disturbing… this is what a chicken nugget looks like before it looks like a chicken nugget, brace yourself.

Why is it pink?  And not flesh pink, that is cotton candy pink.  GROSS!

Have you ever seen a chicken being slaughtered?  Have you ever been part of where your food comes from in that way?  If not I seriously recommend it.  Chickens are easy to start with, honestly they aren’t the smartest of all of God’s creatures, sorry chickens.  But this is all coming to you from a “city girl” in fact I went vegetarian for a year because I felt it was so wrong to not be able to kill my own dinner.  Vegetarianism ended for me with a beautiful grilled steak.  😉

In 2009 my husband and I moved from Portland, OR (“the big city”) to a small town about 45 minutes from Portland.  We had a landlord who wouldn’t allow us to have a garden, and if we did everything had to be in containers which then had to be completely cleaned up at the end of the growing season.  We saw a movie called Faith Like Potatoes, if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.  In the movie (which is based on a true story) a farmer in South Africa grows potatoes, and had to put his faith that God would provide a good crop.  See when you plant a potato they grow underground.  It isn’t until harvest that you actually see the fruits of your labor.  Will you have potatoes at all?  Will they be big? Small?  You have to have faith that God will provide you a good crop.  Hubby connected with that and his desire was to grow potatoes.  So when we moved from Portland, he asked our landlords if he could grow potatoes.  They agreed.  After that he wanted to have chickens for eggs.  Then agreed.  And slowly we started getting into growing our own food and truly knowing where it all comes from.

We became fast friends with our feed and seed.   Some employees there were raising meat chickens, when it was slaughter time they called to us for help.  In exchange for the help we would get to take home some freshly butchered chickens for our freezer.  I had never witnessed a life being taken like that before, in fact I wasn’t sure how I was going to respond.  There were others there, other customers who wanted to see what it was all about, some people wanted to get their hands dirty and learn how to do it.  Our friend that lived there has kids, and her little girl was up the hill crying because she knew we were killing chickens, oh the innocent little heart!  But when I looked up the hill, I could see her inching closer and closer for her to get a glimpse of what we were doing.  Even she had a curiosity about the process.  Seriously though, chickens are easy.  You put a couple of screws in a wood round, stretch their necks out and guess what?  If you let go, they just lay there, there isn’t a fight or a struggle… they just keep their head there.  Chickens are pretty stupid.  Our laying hens will come when called and they know us, but they peck their own poo… come on, can’t be too smart when you peck your own poo. 😉

So guys were the ones picking up the chickens and cutting their heads off.  They then threw the flailing birds into the bushes until they stopped moving.  Yep, they could run with their heads cut off!  Then they are picked up by the feet and dunked into a large pot of boiling water so that the feathers come off easier.  Then there is a group of people who remove the feathers (they have since upgraded to a plucking machine, which spins the bird around a container with plastic knob things in it to remove the feathers).  Next the feet are chopped off and they go into a bucket (to keep and make chicken stock for soup), then the insides are cut into and the good organs are kept and put into ice water.  There are a few organs that you don’t keep and those go into a slop bucket, but things like the liver and heart and gizzards… those you keep and EAT.  The chickens are then washed with a hose, and then they are put into ice/ice water until you can wrap them.

I want to take a little side note to talk a bit about the organs.  I actually have really bad teeth, and no dental insurance go figure.  In my searching of natural medicine/foods etc. I found a book called Cure Tooth Decay With Nutrition by Rami Nagel.  He uses a lot of research done by Winston A Price for the basis of his book.  Basically Dr. Price found that in cultures that were industrialized they had higher cases of tooth decay, and in places where they drank raw milk from grass-fed cows, and they ate all of the animal that was killed, there were significant reduction in tooth decay, some never saw a dentist ONCE in their life!  In our industrialized society we are in the same boat, we are not eating naturally, we are not eating what God gave, but processed garbage then expecting our body to run optimally on junk.  The below people all have strong healthy teeth because of their diet, not because they had root canals and fillings and whitening treatments.  Check out Winston A Price’s book for more info, Rami Nagel’s book for more info or the Winston A Price foundation.

The experience of butchering a chicken wasn’t as horrible as I thought.  I didn’t chop a head off though, but I had a lot of blood on me.  We asked for a bunch of the organ meat, we got some chicken and our last time even all the chicken feet.  (which are still sitting in my freezer, shame on me!)  Now butchering meat rabbits, that is a whole different story.  We tried that for a while, but we are too sensitive for that (they scream, ugh).  We were so proud to know where our chickens came from, who took care of them, how they lived, how they died.  God gave us dominion over the earth but he never said we should be cruel to his creation.  Chickens should be able to roam free, not stacked on top of each other or fed horrible growth hormones.  Please watch Food Inc if you haven’t.

BBQing up a freshly butchered chicken, I tell you there is nothing like it.  Knowing you worked for your food, again there is nothing like it.  The last thing that I think most of us “industrialized” folk don’t do is make a bone broth after your done with your food.  Right now I’m drinking turkey bone broth soup from our Thanksgiving bird.  Don’t let your food go to waste!  There are important minerals, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in there.  Things we need.  These are leached out of the bones when you cook them in water.  If you are doing beef, you need to cook them in the oven for a bit first.  This was told to me by a naturalpathic doctor that I was seeing once.  She said that the beef bone is harder and in order for it to work right and get the most nutrients you need to cook the bones a bit.  Which sounds weird because you have probably already cooked your beef, but it couldn’t hurt to cook the bones alone right?  I google searched it and you are to bake the bones for 30-40 minutes on 400 degrees  or an hour on 350 degrees.  Chicken and turkey is much easier, eat the meat, leave the stragglers and put in a pot on your stove to heat.  I usually turn the stove on low and just walk away, easier still it can be left overnight, and you can use a crock pot if you don’t want to leave your stove on all night.  Once it’s done, let it cool, strip the bones clean (toss them or compost them as long as you don’t have dogs) then save the broth.  You can add whatever you want, carrots, celery, potatoes, rice, beans… whatever floats your soup boat.  Just get that nutritious stuff into your body.  In our home if you have meat on the bone one night, then you better believe dinner the next night will be soup.  Start making that a tradition in your own home, and lets get this temple healthy!

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I’m a 80’s child.  I grew up on McDonald’s, boxed food like rice-a-roni and mac and cheese.  Our vegetables came from a can or a freezer bag.  What I think parents forget is that they are teachers, they teach us how to eat, how to act, how to react, how to clean, how to drive etc.  When we learn to cook from boxed and can foods, that is all we know.  When we grow up on margarine, what do you expect us to buy when we are adults?

So let’s just lay it all out there.  I’m a 30-something married woman, who learned to eat junk and thus I am over weight.  There was no garden to go pick fresh food from, honestly I was just as ignorant as to where my food came from as most of these kids you see on shows like Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  Kids are obese because we quit giving them REAL food.  I am obese because I learned to eat junk (box food, ding dongs, candy, mac and cheese).  So when times get hard, what do I fall back on?  Food that doesn’t nourish my body.  I am pre-diabetic,  and only because I have PCOS.  Which is a fertility issue as well as  insulin resistance issue, thus putting me at risk for diabetes.  Does that scare me?  Yes.  Have I done enough to change things? No.   Just being real here.

I am not sure where I heard this, either a blog or a sermon recently, but we are taught that God is in us right?  The Holy Spirit lives in us.  What are you feeding God?  What are you putting into God?  Now, let me stop here and say I DO NOT believe in any way shape or form that I am God.  I also don’t buy into the New Age garbage that we are all part “god”.  I am no God, I am a sinner saved by grace ONLY.  However God does tell us this body we have here is our temple, right?

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 19What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 20For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.

I think most people take this to be don’t drink, don’t do drugs etc.  These are all good things, but what else are we doing to our bodies that is not glorifying God?  Margarine for example is horrible for us, it actually causes scarring of the arteries.  Have you seen Super Size Me?  McDonald’s certainly isn’t something we should be feeding our temple.  Canned veggies are not as nutritious as real, and the lining of the can has cancer causing things in it.  What are we doing!?!  Sitting on our duff’s eating while watching the idiot box (my grandma used to call the TV that, and it certainly fits) is not doing anything to glorify God with our bodies.  Don’t even get me started on the TV, movies, and things that we put in our body visually… that will be another post.

Is God stupid?  I mean he created eggs WITH yolks.  But now shows like The Biggest Loser tell us that the yolks are bad for us and what is making us fat and have heart disease.  They tell us that all forms of fat are bad for us, this isn’t true, our bodies need fat.  Do we need hydrogenated artery clogging oils?  Not one bit.  Do we need naturally occurring oils like coconut and fish oils and flax-seed oils?  Most certainly.  Do we eat eggs? yes!  The whole egg.  Do we need Vanilla Latte’s?  No.  Do we need boxed processed garbage? No.  Why is disease and cancer getting crazy out of hand?  Because we forgot what real food is!  Tomatoes come from a vine, not a can.  Peas grow on a vine too and they don’t come out of a plastic frozen bag.  Chickens should be able to run free and eat bugs and then they lay you beautiful NUTRITIOUS eggs.  When we started keeping chickens I was almost sick to see the difference in yolk color.  Real eggs are bright and vibrant, they are dark in color, not this light yellow junk you get at the grocery store.

These days all you have to do is look a little harder than the grocery store to find true nutrition.  Farmers Markets, Craigslist, even realmilk.com are all wonderful places to find real whole foods.  BTW, I am an advocate of raw milk, God didn’t create pasteurized milk.  We drink raw goats milk that we get from a friend.  Some states, including my own, don’t allow you to sell raw cows milk for human consumption, but many people on CL (craigslist) will sell it for animal consumption but it’s perfectly fine for us to drink, as long as your farmer is clean and sanitary.  Raw goat milk is legal to sell for human consumption here in Oregon… I don’t understand the difference.  But we drank raw cows milk for years and still get raw butter.  REAL butter.  Even if you start with a natural grocery store, start buying organic produce, start growing a garden every year and teaching your children how to take care of their temple properly.  When you eat an apple, eat the seeds.  God gave us SEED bearing plants, why do you think he mentioned seeds?  Because we are supposed to eat them!  Seeds (especially apple and apricot) contain B17, which is an anti cancer vitamin that is found in the seeds.  I encourage you to google search “A Life Without Cancer.”  It talks about B17 and there is a Christian farm myfathersfarm.com which you can buy organic apricot seeds.

My biggest fault is exercise, or a lack of it.  Another life lesson we can teach the next generation, get out and move your body.  Again, not something that was very prevalent in my growing up years.  (although excessive dieting was, is it any wonder I am always looking for the “next best thing” or the “easy fix”?)  So here’s my suggestion, why don’t we start a taking back of our temple movement?  Why don’t we start thinking about what we are feeding  God rather than what will satisfy the emptiness/sadness/depression or whatever you are feeding?  Some of us had some real stuff happen to us, some of us were abused (in all it’s forms) or teased.  Some of us have some stuff we need to let go of and let God handle.  Pray on these things, ask God to turn it around, ask God for healing.  And don’t think you are alone, we all have worldly baggage that we have allowed to bog us down for way too long.  Don’t forget that we serve the creator of heaven and earth, he can move the whole earth for you.  He loves you (and me) enough to die, to suffer and die, to be ridiculed by his own creation, all so he could save it.  All out of love.  If you struggle with self-confidence (as I do) remember how very special you are to God.  If you weren’t he wouldn’t have died for you, he wouldn’t have gone through all he did so that you could be with him for eternity.  He would have just let you die and go to the place he made for Satan and his angels, hell.  But he didn’t, and his love for us is bigger than any of us can imagine.  You are special to God.

So what do you say?  Are you ready to take back your temple?  Are you ready to allow God to work in your physical body?  Are you ready to say no to your flesh (aka McDonald’s etc) and yes to God being inside you?  Are you ready to fill your temple with good God-given foods, to give it nutrients and life, rather than poison and death?  Please join me in taking back this temple for God’s glory.  And there is no better day to start than today, than right now… isn’t God worth that?

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