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Whew!  Life gets away from us sometimes, doesn’t it?  I want to thank Miss Debra for checking up on me after me being absent, it is sweet to know bloggers really do care!  My life has become quite crazy, I will start with the biggest change and also the most sad I suppose… my job.  If you’ve followed me for some time you have heard of my questions if I should stay or go here and God has finally given me the final answer, it’s time to move on.  Today is my final day working here and it comes bitterly because it turns out that all employees here truly care about the doctor we work for but he doesn’t care about us.  I am a horribly loyal employee so it stings a bit to learn that after five years of dedicated loyal service to my boss, he doesn’t care about his employees.  Sometimes God makes us uncomfortable when it’s time to move, I found a new job (PRAISE GOD!) and even get a week off between the two jobs which I will be paid for because I have unused sick and vacation time.  My commute which is normally an hour to work and anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours  will be drastically cut, I lose 26 miles a day in my commute!  Most of that is the most congested freeways of Portland, so I am grateful.  I am sad that I will be leaving my coworker to deal with the mess that has become this office, I have grown to care about her very much and it is hard for me to leave her here, but I pray for her and pray that she finds something quickly so she can also leave.  I am hurt and that is coming out in anger…I know I need to let go of the anger and when today is over and I am away from this place I do believe I will get over the anger/hurt. I found this great song though, so wanted to share it does express how I feel today.

Hubby has also found a job.  That is a blessing, I am grateful and so is he.  The environment is very “worldly” and often times he finds himself being pulled in to that negative environment.  He actually LOVES his job but not the environment or the people, so maybe God will provide another job for him in the same field soon.

As for diet, interesting things have happened.  I went back to a fairly regular eating plan, meat and dairy and sugar all included.  I had a wake up call and it scared the mess out of me!  I started to feel like I was getting a cyst back that I had 12 years ago, and with the job change I’m losing my insurance so I went to urgent care Tuesday to get checked out.  The gave me some antibiotics and said the cyst had not formed yet but if it did take the antibiotics.  This time I’m not a 20-year-old ignorant girl so I was right on top of the pain, knew the pain and tried to get it under control before I lost my insurance.  We have been doing sits bath’s with comfrey and plantain herbs and epsom salts, rubbing DMSO on the area daily and also did castor oil packs.  I was under the impression these things don’t come back once you had surgery but after looking it up online I found that many people believed that too.  I believe I have it under control but did relate some of it to the change in diet.  I have since got back on track with juicing and plan on having meat maybe once a week and cutting dairy out.  There will be times to splurge, like this weekend we celebrate my Gramp’s 90th birthday by dancing at the Moose Lodge, he dances 3 times a week at 90 years old can you believe that!?  I am sure I will have a couple of drinks and a chicken fried steak in celebration of my sweet Gramps.  🙂

So I am still here, we are in gear to get our garden going.  A few set backs there but our potatoes are going nuts, corn is popping (LOL), tomatoes and peppers are surviving our colder than normal start to summer, and we have trays of seeds starting including some stevia, and I saw yesterday the stevia is growing!! 😀

God is good even when the world isn’t… Isa 41:10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

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