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Most people who follow my blog are into traditional foods, so when I got my invited to GNOWFGLINS free webinar I figured this was the best place to share.   GNOWFGLINS is one of my favorite places to get information, they are also the people who offered the free grain mill before.  They have a huge knowledge of traditional foods, you can subscribe to their site and have access to forums and online classes for a small monthly payment, or you can lurk like I do for free.  I have signed up to receive their newsletter and updates and webinar updates.  If you are interested in more traditional cooking I really recommend you check out their website.

Feel like you don’t have enough time for everything?

Interested in time saving tips and tricks for your traditional foods kitchen? Want to get more done — not less — for once?

Boy, can we help! Come to a free webinar to learn our best tips for working smarter — not harder — in your traditional foods kitchen.

What You’ll Learn In This Free Webinar

  • Wardeh’s best tips for saving time and energy in the kitchen
  • A collection of helpful ideas from traditional cooks around the world — including a special guest appearance!
  • Which tools can help you — and which tools hinder your productivity
  • And more!

The best part, it’s free.  The webinar is Friday at 1pm Pacific time, however the beauty of webinars is they have a replay feature.  If you are unable to attend the actual webinar, if you sign up they will send you a link to the replay and you can watch it on your own time. 🙂 Click here to sign up

Hope you enjoy it!

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