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Today is my Friday, Praise God! I started my new job Monday and am blessed to work 4 10 hour shifts and get Friday’s off.  I can sure get used to that.  Things are still a bit nuts, we are trying to get all our gardens and farms done and planted.  Hubby is struggling with his back.  I am exhausted from my new job and all the learning.  I can really understand why we educate children and not adults, I can’t believe how tired I am from just learning a new computer system and office policies!

Quick update to say I’m still here and still alive.  Weight is actually staying pretty reasonable.  We were blessed to find a used steam sauna on craigslist for a CHEAP $150 rather than $1400, which is what it started out at, but the man was so desperate to sell it he dropped the price every other day.  But the time we found it, it was $150.  It’s a small capsule that one person sits in and it works similar to an electric kettle, the element heats the water and it steams up.  You can see out but hard to see in and there is a place to put essential oils (amazing for colds). So we are still taking good care of our bodies although I haven’t juiced since Monday, I’m just too tired. 

My Grandma went to heaven recently.  She had been living in a body that wasn’t working for many hard years, my Grandpa passed away several years ago and I know she was miserable without him.  I can imagine the beautiful reunion they had!  Although sad, it is a blessing she is no longer in pain.  Her memorial is at the end of the month, my Aunt has asked me to read one of the poems she wrote.  I knew she painted but never did know she wrote poetry.  It’s about the potter and clay and being molded for God’s use.  I shared her love of poetry but mine was more “poor me” type stuff.  It is interesting how much we learn about someone when they are no longer here.  I do remember going swimming in her pool, she taught me how to crochet and knit, I remember crawling into her huge bed and watching morning tv shows together, and I remember her passion and love for Jesus.  I look forward to the day I am reunited with her again.  I was not the best Granddaughter though, not visiting her much in her assisted living home.  When she started to get sick and older there was a time I was a kid and I had to help her pull up her pants in the bathroom of a restaurant.  It was hard for me as a youngster to understand that, Grandma’s where supposed to help you not the other way around.  I pray for the guilt I do feel and trust it will be forgiven.  I do think it will make me act differently if another family member goes into a “home.” 

Make sure to tell those you love how much they mean to you, this is a short life my friends and you never know when you won’t have another chance to say “I love you.”


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